Sunday, February 28, 2010


I realized something when I opened my fridge this afternoon.
This is going to sound strange, so just hang tight and go with me for a sec...
First off, let's make something clear...
I am not much of a cook.
Although substantially improved by earnest effort in recent years,
I am still definitely not much to write home about.
When I do bother, I typically make things that require little or no technical effort.
We eat a lot of fresh stuff that requires no actual cooking.
Salads, veggie trays, fruit plates, etc.
And I usually, purposely, make huge amounts so that we can share
or even just eat it for several days in a row ourselves.
(Lazy... I know.)
So today's revelation came as a bit of a surprise.
As I rummaged the shelves for something to throw together, it hit me...
As it turns out,
I do not like Leftovers.
In fact, I think I might even hate them.
Aside from being a pain to store,
nothing ever tastes quite as good as when it is freshly prepared.
It's always a little too soggy.
A little wilted or a tad brown around the edges.
A bit crusty on top.
Or just a little thicker than it should be.
You know how they are.
Not quite the same, but good enough, we say.
And so much easier!
I serve them to my family all the time!
In fact, sadly, maybe more often than not.
And I don't mean just for dinner, either!
Which brings me to my point...
How often in life am I giving those that matter most, my Leftovers?
These boys, who are my heart and soul,
often get whatever is '"Left-over" of me
whenever I think I am done with the rest of my commitments.
They get the little blob of energy that's left of me, after running around all day.
A cold slab of minimal effort, because I just want to be done already.
The crumbs that are left of my patience.
(Well, any that haven't already crumbled from dealing with other people's children.)
And if they are really lucky,
I might even top it off with the tiny little dollup of fun that I might actually have left.
But more often than they deserve,
they get the frantic, task-oriented Drill-Sargent Mom who is running short on time.
Or the exhausted, Do-It-Yourself Mom who is ready to collapse.
Even, occasionally, the grumpy, short-tempered, ornery Mom who is at my wits' end.
They get a signature on their homework slip for reading a story to me
while I made a mental grocery shopping list.
They get a "Woo-hoo" from me in the kitchen, amid the dinner preparations
when they play perfectly through their piano piece, all the way over in the Music Room.
They get a smile and an "Mmm, hmmm" when they show me their latest cool Wii maneuver,
Or tell me about the awesome play they ran in the football game at recess that day.
Neither of which, if quizzed, I could describe 30 seconds later.
They get a half-hearted high-five when they tell me their chores are done.
A two minute back tickle at bedtime, so I can rush to a set of photos that need editing.
Or a quick kiss goodnight as I run out the door for a Ladies' Night Out.
How often am I half-listening?
Looking past them?
Talking at them?
Or even in the same room, but far, far away in my thoughts?
All Leftovers...
I am serving them Leftovers.
Spending the majority of myself elsewhere
and then giving the little bit that's left, to them, as if it is enough.
I'm there, always, but am I really there?
I'm going through motherhood's motions, making mental lists.
Always the lists.
Planning ahead to the next thing.
The To Do's that can never be all the way done.
You know them...
The cyclical routines that fill our days.
Well, Matt told me of an incident that was his.
It occurred when I called him from the hospital that wondrous day.
Sobbed into the receiver that I needed him to come.
That Bronson was awake.
He ran to his truck and sped the 45 minute drive, as fast as he could safely get there.
But when he started his engine, there was a CD playing.
It was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing.
"Glory to God on High."
He sobbed.
The next song that came on was a Men's Chorus
"Rise up, oh men of God,
Be done with lesser things..."
He sobbed harder.
Said it struck him through the core.
He arrived at the hospital, still shaking.
As I think of that now, I realize that this is the time.
The time for me, as well, to be done with lesser things.
The time to focus on what is most important.
Most lasting. Most eternal.
More than ever before.
Not the good things.
Or even the better things.
But the best things.
The very best things.
As you approach the center of a bullseye,
the margin for possible error becomes more and more narrow.
The degree of accuracy necessary becomes more and more pointed.
We are approaching that bullseye, my friends.
At an ever-increasing rate.
I, for one, am consciously re-committing to be done with lesser things.
To stop serving the Leftovers of myself to my family.
But instead to be fresh, ready and more present in the present.
Ready for them with a Feast.


Chiara said...

Wow. I've been reading your blog since your first post after Bronson's drowning. I am continually amazing, inspired, uplifted, and encourage to be a little bit better a mom, as a wife, and as a person in general. Thank you SO very much for opening your heart and sharing it with the world.

And p.s. - Bronson's faux hawk is wicked awesome! The mean comments about it on KSL made me laugh. Dumb people! :) I would just LOVE to see what the person looks like who made the comment that a faux hawk is "soooo 2007!" hahah! Two of my boys sport the same look and I love it!

Scott & Tami said...

I LOVE it. I'm there with you. No more leftovers to my kids. I will give them the love and attention that they deserve. Thanks for the awesome pep talk....I'm pumped up!!!

The Martone Memories said...

There is a conference talk about the same thing. Good, Better, Best by Dallin H Oaks. I'm sure you've heard it, but it describes then same things.

I think most of face the same problems. Don't beat yourself up.

Susan said...

Thanks for your blog entry. You've hit it home for me more than once. I caught your blog while Bronson was still in the hospital and the unknown was so looming. Just know you aren't the only one who's left their children "just for a minute". Although my child didn't drown, how easily it could have happened. It has made me stop and sit by that bathtub the WHOLE time. And today, you've made me stop and realize how often I give my family MY leftovers.
Thank you.

Jessy and Kurt Antonino!!!! said...

Oh Sara you are amazing!!! I hope one day I can meet you guys and huge little B and you too! :) My husband hares leftovers too, but I don't mind to have it. Sara how little B is doing? I can see the pictures he seems doing great, is he afraid to the water or the bath tub? how are you doing? Love you guys! check my blog if you want it

Paul, Megan, Sofia, Isabella, and Lukas Klimo said...

Wow, you said it perfectly. I find myself constantly giving my family my leftovers, when they should really be getting the best of what I have to give. Thank you for your messages. You have no idea how much you have uplifted and inspired me! I'm definitely striving to be more active in church, as a mother, and as a wife. Thank you!

Elena said...

Such perfect thoughts that we all need to be reminded of every once in a while. I know I'm guilty. And can I just say, your fridge is the cleanest most organized fridge I've ever seen. I just had to stare at's beautiful. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sara--truly. I love this. Best to you and much love--CARRIE

Laura said...

I've been reading your blog ever since you started posting again, and I am hooked. The way you write, it just touches me deep down into my soul. I don't have kids yet, but I am learning so much about being a good mother, and what my future kids deserve, from you and your family. Thank you for this post. You are so right; leftovers shouldn't be given to those we love. Sometimes, I do that to my husband. Not today. I'm going to give him the freshest part of me, and leave the leftovers for the rest.

Thanks Sara! God bless you and your family.

Jennie Stephens said...

Wow, is that really your fridge? I am hiding my head in shame right now ;) Thank you for your blog entries. They have taught me to keep my eyes open to everything around me. To be more alert to life, and to smile more and appreciate what I have!

MT said...

I normally don't comment, but I've been cheering your little guy on and I've really enjoyed reading your posts...especially this one. I feel the SAME way. I too often look past my kids on my way to this or that... I'm more aware of it now. I'm trying to really LOOK at my kids...Eye to Eye...Soul to Soul. I know I'm a good Mom, but I feel like life is so RUSHED. I'm even trying to eliminate the word "hurry" from my vocabulary. Anyway, just thank you for your words. They are truly touching people more than you know.

Britney said...

you've inspired me, yet again.
love you.

Launa said...

Wow! So beautifully written. So true. So inspiring to change and to stop giving our children "leftovers!"

The Stone Family in Oregon City, OR said...

WOW!! Awesome! Oprah......Are you reading this?? You need to have this family and Sarah on your show!!! (I submitted your story BTW)

Brooke said...

This is Brooke Peterson. You took our wedding pics 4 years ago! I have been following your blog since Bronson's bathtub accident. And I am truly inspired everytime I read the wonderful words you write. You have been such a blessing to me and many other I know. I loved this last post, and as I am raising two little ones of my own, I will remember this forever! Thank you!

Kelly said...

Wow, Sara. It's like you jumped in my head and pulled the thoughts right out to type them...

"But more often than they deserve,
they get the frantic, task-oriented Drill-Sargent Mom who is running short on time.
Or the exhausted, Do-It-Yourself Mom who is ready to collapse.
Even, occasionally, the grumpy, short-tempered, ornery Mom who is at my wits' end.
They get a signature on their homework slip for reading a story to me
while I made a mental grocery shopping list."

That is so me. Thank you for pointing it out and bringing it to the forefront of my thoughts. You are a true inspiration.

Sara said...

Thank you for this post! As I read it I tought...I do all these things too! Thank you for opening my eyes and hopefully I can be a better mom to my children!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you!

nikkipicky said...

This is like the perfect Sacrament Meeting talk!! I may use it! Not your exact words but the whole concept that we need to be done with the lesser things and work on the best things. No MORE LEFTOVERS! With your permission that is. (next time I am asked to talk)

With tears running down my cheeks I realize that ever since my sweet boy was released from PCMC from his latest surgery, and I... continually petitioning with Heavenly Father to let him finally be healed, that I too have been thinking along these same lines. What is his purpose here, why has the lord preserved his life and what is my purpose as his mother and as a woman in the gospel. Am I accomplishing my purpose? Am I helping him be prepared to accomplish his? Am I living the gospel to it's fullest and finding joy in every moment. Letting the unimportant things go and focusing on the big picture?

Thank you so much for your words. Sorry for the LONG LONG dialogue with myself.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY needed to hear that today. I am always serving leftovers-now that I think about it. I am trying to get everything done, and my kids are just my peripheral vision. Rarely the center of what I am seeing.
I have been following your blog through your whole experience and I continually draw strength from your observations and feelings-so THANK YOU!
I am a 28 yr old mom to a 3 1/2yr old girl, 2 yr. old boy, and going to deliver another girl on Sunday(whoo hoo!)

merideth said...

amazing!! i relate so well to you and this post. i am recomitting myself too to be there... really there.

thank you.

Rochelle said...

I came across your blog a little after the accident, I have been so touched by your words. Ever since I heard about your accident I have been thankfully counting my blessings and definitely taking a little more time each day to just enjoy my son. Today's post just reminded me that I still need to do better! I am expecting my second son in May and that might add to my emotions but thanks again for reminding me of what is truly important and what I do live for.

Tasha said...

I needed to hear this today. Thank you. I could relate all too much.

Shelley said...

That is just what I needed to hear today! Here I am swamped with so much on my to do list... and honestly, each task on my list doesn't matter! My kiddos have been pushed to the side this week while I run, run, run! I too am re-committing to be done with lesser things!! :)

Chipper62 said...

Thanks for the pick me up today, needed it.

Christensen's said...


I found your blog from natalie. I have been so inspired by your story and praying for you all along. Thank you for this post. It is just what I needed to hear. I feel so overwhelmed everyday all because of the lesser things! I will truly take this to heart and try harder to give my family everything I can. You are a wonderful, amazing, person don't ever let anyone make you feel less.


Tauni said...

A feast might be harder to prepare, but well worth it, right?? Thanks for the powerful insight Sara!

si tu veux said...

I love this. I have felt this. You have inspired me to write...yet again.


HeidiLynnn said...

Thank you for this post. I have been feeling very similar with my own sweet children and you worded it beautifully. It is truly a gift to be able to see what is most important in life, and to avoid the many distractions that bombard us every day. Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts.

Synergy Girl said...

Could you have described me any better...SIGH...??!! I have been thinking about it a lot...even talking with my husband about how we don't spend "time" with our children enough. We are "here" with them, but we aren't "here" with them....I don't have to explain anything to you, but it is nice to have the realization, and I figure it's the small things...starting with the small things, like taking the extra 20 minutes this morning to sit with my boys while they played with trains. They didn't need me...they would have been happy to play without me...but none the less...I was there.

Tina said...

I couldn't say it any better!! I think it all the time but I need to live it!!

LeShel said...

I think this is a book waiting to be written. It must wait though because if your wrote it now you're kids would get leftovers.

I think I want to be released from my calling so I can stop serving leftovers.


Julianne said...

Thanks for this post. I know my family is not getting my best effort. I needed to be reminded today!

Sarah said...

Sara, you are such a beautiful writer! You have a way with words that really makes the message hit home. I thought I would stop reading your blog once we knew little B was okay, but I find myself checking it every few days, just to see what you guys are up to and to hear what you have to say (because it is always so impactful). I copied this post and sent it to all of my mom friends, I couldn't have said it better myself. THANK YOU for being a constant source of inspiration. I wish I lived in Utah so we could be friends! My son is Bronson's age...I have no doubt they would be buddies!

T-Time said...

I , like so many others on here, was turned onto your blog after Bronson's accident. Ever since then I have been hooked on reading up on your life, your trials, your uplifting miracles, your profound words and your love for your family, savior and the gospel. Sara, you are such a powerful infulence for all of us mothers, wives, daughters... MANKIND! I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me, a mere stranger, into snippets of your life via the web. Honestly, you are truly a gift to all of us who are following you on the web, those that are your friends and family. SIMPLY AMAZING!
Thanks for sharing !:D

Omi said...

Once again, you have gotten to the heart of the matter. Thank you for sharing your insight and giving me so much to think about in my own life. Heavenly Father continues to inspire you so that you can continue to inspire all of us, most of whom are strangers (but not really). We're all just sisters from another mother, and you have linked us together in such a special way. Love and Blessings

Munchkin Invasion said...

I keep promising myself that I will stop reading your blog now that I know that Bronson is okay. But, I can't. You speak to the very soul of mothers. When I read your first entry on Bronson (February 1st) - I prayed that Bronson would make it - and then I pleaded for you. To me, you represented all of us mothers in this world that temporarily gets caught up in the all the "stuff." I did not want Bronson to haunt you the rest of your life, because I knew that he would. I knew that in the same situation it would haunt me - and every other mother that I know.

Thank you for letting me read your blog. You are an extraordinary writer. You really have a way of putting all the pain, pressures, joys, and beauty of motherhood - into words. That is an amazing thing to be able to do. I am a better mother, because you have allowed me to read your words.

Sharon said...

Wow. Giving my family the "leftovers" of me is exactly how I feel most days. I put all my time and effort into work (I work outside of the home) and other obligations that I have, that I have nothing left for the most important obligation of all: My family. I still struggle to find that balance. Your experience with Bronson has absolutely changed me and I have found myself trying to provide them with the kind of gourmet meals they deserve. Not in the food sense of course, but with the QUALITY of time I spend. I can't change too much about the quantity, but the quality is whatever I choose to make it. Thanks for being so brave. From now on, my time will NOT be McDonald's drive through, but rather....a 5 star restaurant complete with a delicious appetizer, succulent entree, and the most amazing dessert you can imagine!!
Staker family, you are amazing.

-Sharon S.
Vancouver, WA

The Woolsey's said...

I have been following you ever since I heard about your darling little boy.(who happens to look a lot like my little boy) My heart goes out to you. You have an amazing family and are such a great mother. I love you read your posts and love how openly you talk about our Heavenly Father and His presence in all we do. I really like this blog about left overs. It really got me to think and has inspired me to be a better mother to my children. Thank you so much for writing and being so open.

Jesicca said...

Once again, you have brought life into perspective for me. Thank you is never enough when someone you cherish puts life into its simplest form!

Michelle said...

Bless you for writing this. It's exactly what I needed to hear. Bullseye. No more leftovers for my family either. Thank you.

Cordie said...

I think every mother should read this post! You are the best, thank you!

Karlene said...

Well said. And perfect timing! Thank you!

Jennifer Bowman said...

I found your blog through your sons accident and have been following you since. Really, your posts uplift me and always remind me of what is most important. Just wanted to say Thank you for that!

Heather said...

You are an amazing writer, it would be neat to have your blogs published in a book. I look forward to reading them, so thank you for your words of wisdom. Since reading your story, I have found myself stopping my daily to-do list and on the floor with my 2 boys, and that's not easy being 7 months pregnant! But the excitement in their eyes when Mommy really "plays" with them is priceless. It makes me sad that they act so suprised that I'm actually whole-heartedly paying attention to them because I too often found myself serving "leftovers". My husband has actually caught on to the excitement and I've noticed him being more present when he gets home from work. He is a great dad, but I think when you have young children it is easy to use your free time just maintaining. Thanks again for your honesty, it is truly inspiring and has blessed our lives in many ways.


Love this such a good reminder!

{jane} said...

look at you, you're serving up sunday school lessons via left-overs from the fridge, on a daily basis here! maybe if i stay loyal to the staker family blog, i can just skip sunday school, on sunday. hehe. kidding.

i love this, and i think we're all guilty of it, always room to improve!

however, i think there is something in december, that if you choose to go, there will be no left-overs, only priceless family time.

just sayin'. ;)

Deborah said...

Sara, I love this post. I love all your posts... each day it's a reminder for me to be a little better than the day before. Recently I've been focusing more on being better. I've just started working with the YW in my ward and was taught in a training that I can't change any of them, but I need to first work on myself and my example will hopefully shine through. The basics are what are important... praying, FHE, scripture study, family time. Thank you for your sweet words of inspiration for us all to forget the lesser things and do what is most important! You're amazing! I hope to meet you and your family someday :)

Tam~n~Fam said...

Thank you for saying this so well. It's exactly what I've been struggling with lately. Had a bit of a meltdown last week on my blog, and part of it I realized was due to falling into the comparing trap. Especially made worse by checking out all the beautiful ladies around me and their blogs! :D A big part I get down on myself is of course how I'm doing as a mom, so I had to leave a comment and thank you for saying it so well!

Preston and Keri Robertson Fam said...

WOW! This post hits a little too close to home for me! As I was reading, I was agreeing with EVERYTHING you had to say! I too feel like my family is getting my "leftovers"! Even though I have been trying so hard to do better. Thanks to you! I have been letting those crumbs sit a little longer on the floor and the dishes sit a little longer in the sink. It's hard for me, I admit, but I LOVE the extra time I am spending with the greatest people I kids!
So, thanks again for opening up your life and your heart on here! You continue to touch my heart day after day and you are making me a better person/parent little by little! THANK YOU!

Park Family said...

Thank you for a message I so needed to hear. As a mom of 3 (soon to be 4) little boys myself your thoughts rung so true to me. Thank you! And am so happy to see your little guy doing so well!

Kelly said...

Wow!! You have posted a lot since I last checked your blog!! SO I need to catch up! :) I have been following your blog since I heard of your family's story! So maybe you have read some of my posts? I love this leftover post! I am the same way.. I hate leftovers, but feed them to my family!! I guess I need to re-think what that means! he, he.. Thank you for inspiring me everyday ( every time I read your blog) You have made me a better mother! PS. You are so gorgeous!! And a mother of 4 boys!! How do you do it!!

Anonymous said...

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Amy B. said...

Dear Sara...please help me by getting the word out about my sweet niece. She was found not breathing and without a heartbeat this afternoon and is fighting for her life at Primary Children's right now. The outlook is grim but I know how your story ended and I am looking for that same please add us to your prayer list for tonight!

Thank you...


FishinFamily said...

You'll never understand how much you've taught me and how much you continue to teach me. Thank you for your faith, testimony, and example. I'm so happy that prayers were answered and you got your miracle. You're so awesome ~ I love ya!

Beckie said...

Trying to see through my blurred eyes to type this is very hard! I SOOOOOO needed that...thanks you so much for putting into words what I never could. You truly are an amazing person, though we will never meet I'm sure, I'm so glad to know you through your blog! Thank you!

Jen said...

I should just copy this post and put it on my blog. My life exactly. Thanks for the reminder to take time for my family.

The Jesperson Family said...

Thank you! This was so perfectly and eloquently said. I am going to print this off and read it over and over and over again.

Angie Price said...

Sara ... you don't know me ... I met you the weekend you first told "us" of Bronson's accident. And, now I am a forever friend. You are certainly a beautiful person both inside and out and I can't begin to tell you all that I have learned since we first met :-) I, too, feel exactly as you do ... I just simply couldn't put my fingers on it ... but leftovers is so appropriate! Thanks for making me want to be a better person. And, I have to tell you how much I love your littlest angel ... wish I could have hugged him countless times by now. xoxo

Matt and Brianna said...

Wow! You are truly inspired! The Lord has chosen a perfect servant to help her fellow men (and women ;)) This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear tonight! Perfect! Thank you, thank you!

Mary said...

You have worded this so, so well. It's a passion I've had with my three boys and I don't think I've ever heard it expressed the way you have done it here. I am a stay at home mom and am offered "opportunities" left and right to better myself, join a club, volunteer, commit to more and "can't you find a Mother's Day Out near you?" But I am a mother and I chose to be present. I see other mom's "doing it all," and they may even have more kids than I do, but I know, somewhere, something is falling between the cracks. I don't have to be everything, I just have to give this short season of mothering my best effort. Thanks for the encouraging challenge to keep investing our best selves into our children.

Tara said...

I too have followed you since I saw a prayer go out on another blog for you. Something told me to click off natalies and click yours... Normally I don't do as I'm always thinking I should be doing this or that around the house. I've prayed for you with tear filled eyes and rejoiced with your family as all has worked out. It was amazing to just see a miracle on a blog of people I don't know. But I know I serve a God who does the unexpected and surprises me everyday.
Thanks for your authenticity today on your blog, funny as I had the word "Leftovers " on my little prayer list today. I'm too guilty of that and don't wanna serve leftovers to my family or God, too often I do both.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have such an amazing ability to express yourself! This could not fit more perfectly the way I feel. How do we get so busy? I have been following your blog and am so happy for you and the outcome with Bronson. Your words have inspired me. Especially this post. I read this after a very busy day at my photography studio, and then coming home and getting very impatient with my twelve year old daughter while helping her with math homework. So grateful for the reminder of what's important. Best wishes to you and your family.

sarah baldwin said...

sara... how? how do we stop with the lesser things? i too am serving leftovers... it's all i have left. my heart is broken. somedays i am a shadow of my former self or the woman i want to be. how can i give them more when i have so little to give. i have to fill my time with sewing and scrapbooking... now out in the yard, so i don't stop and think of the future. will he sign? will someone new come along for us? will "she" ever go away? will the nightmare end? will he ever not be angry with me? and then with the why's... not those. and i squeeze my sweet babies and i know they are here for a reason. i am there mother for a reason... but the leftovers. i try to look forward and let the atonement do it's job but it's hard to be in the present. it's so... real. and my reality is harsh right now. thank you for your thoughts. you've stirred mine. xoxo sarah.

Rob & Nell said...

Like I have said are an amazing writer. I could sit here and read your blog everyday. Everyday I am moved...and inspired...YES inspired by what you write.
I too need to cook more and be done with the leftovers of life. More time...that is what you are teaching me...from so far away.
Bless you and keep writing.
You make me a better servant and mother!


Nicole said...

I must say I have been over come by the candie cans have in your kitchen...
are they real?

LeShel said...

you are beautiful

jaime said...

DUDE no, YOU DID NOT just nail it.. seriously been uplifted by your words for the last month:) thanks be to YOU!! and can NOT wait to run into you some where some how!!!!!

Jenny said...

I think everyone EVERYWHERE should read this post! Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts and life. So glad that little B is well!

Nicole said...

Thank you for the reminder about what is truly important in this life. I too am the mother of four boys. I also feel that most of the time my boys are getting the leftovers of me. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feelings. It has made me evaluate my life and realize that there are things that I can give up and focus more time on my beautiful boys.

I don't know you, but I want you to know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am so happy that your son Bronson is doing so well.

I know from reading your blog, that you are an amazing woman and a wonderful mother. I wish you the BEST always.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder. Thank you for courageously sharing your story and reminding all us mommies how precious our time with our children is. We can never be too careful with either our children's physical or spiritual well-being... but it is so easy to get distracted and we all do at times. Thankfully we have Christ to sustain us. I think many have learned from your experience.

Candace Wright said...

So poignant! I've began working on this very thing since last fall. However, this was such a timely reminder for me since I've felt tempted to over extended myself & my time with other 'good' things lately. Thank you.

Jessica said...

Wow! That was an amazing post full of things I think about often but still can't get past my list. Thank you, thank you for the reminder. I am going to bookmark this one so I can reflect back on it often!Thanks:)

Shmonae said...

At some point I will have to stop sending people to your blog. I thought I was done until I read this. There just aren't many people that can express themselves and teach so beautiful through their words. This is something every parent needs to hear, not just mothers.
Don't be too hard on yourself. You are an amazing mother. Even more amazing because you keep working on yourself and are honest about weekness..we all have weekness.
I love you, and still haven't had the chance to talk to you for long face to face. Every time I drive by your house I get a happy smile inside thinking about Bronson being home :)))
Hopefully I'll see you soon!

Bri Olson said...

Your story drew me in from the beginning. I tend to talk in circles when expressing myself, but just know that your thoughts resonate with me often. Especially the leftovers. As the mother of 5 little boys, I am always here...but not fully. I have already started reorganizing my priorities with my children first, and all those "other good things" later.THANK YOU for the much needed reminder. There has already been a wonderful change in our home. I appreciate your willingness to share your story and family with us. I know the Lord placed your family in this position and through these experiences so you could help ME and other moms just like you and me. We are happy for your miracle, and grateful for your inspirations. My boys still come home from school and ask if there is a new post from you for the day! Baby B touched us all!!!! With all the reality in the world, it is a comfort to see the Lord's hand so prevalent. Thanks again for sharing. Take care!

threeboogers said...

Oh don't we all do this. Well I am guilty of it as well. It's the darn planning part and trying for perfection I guess. I think our Heavenly Father wants us to figure something else out though and you have, as well as I. It just takes doing it now. Good luck in your journey!

Adrienne said...

I for one, am just soothed by your admission that there is something you DON'T do well-I was starting to beat myself up! Seriously, though, this was EXACTLY what I needed today. I have feeling overwhelmed by all of my obligations, pondering whether I can head a parent committee again at the school next year as I have been asked and this was a heaven sent answer to my prayers! I need to focus on what matters most. Thank you so much!

Also, I am really beginning to covet your house. ;) Guess I better work on that...

Shana said...

I have been reading your blog (I found it from anothers) from the beginning of your little "mistake"-- and you had me hooked. I have never commented because I just thought what I had to say prob wouldn't matter from a total stranger. And then I realized that so many other strangers were commenting too.
I know that everyone else has probably told you as well-- But I need to for myself...
THANK YOU so much for blogging and sharing your story with everyone!
You show such amazing strength and character. Your little "mistake" has probably saved many, many little babies lives!
I can not tell you how many times I have walked away from the tub for a brief moment while my children have been bathing! Since reading your blog, I NEVER leave the bathtub-- not even for a short second! Life is so precious-- one minute everything is ok and the next minute you feel like your life is going to end.
A year ago I took my son horseback riding and as we were leaving, he got a little too close behind the horse and the horse kicked him in the stomach. (THANKFULLY IT WAS NOT HIS HEAD) He was flown to Primary Childrens with a grade 4 spleen laceration and it was one of the hardest times in my life.
Of course, it was not as bad as what you went through-- but I can imagine the heartache and pain you were feeling. I think any mother could.
You are such a courageous woman to let others learn from you even though some may judge. When I read about the officer wanting to question you, my stomach dropped! I think you have handled everything with very much dignity. ANYONE who reads your blog can see how much love you have for those beautiful boys of yours!
Thank you for allowing me to have a glimpse into your life and I am soooo very grateful for your little miracle boy!! I am sure there is no greater joy than to have your child come back with you-And I am sure he was given a choice. And he chose to come back.
What a miracle!
Thank you for sharing your testimony! It is very beautiful!!

HeidiB said...

This was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you so much for putting into words. I've been the same way and we just get into the routine of busy, grouchy Mom, without realizing how it's affecting those in our family. Another thing I listened to a wise Mom say was that even if we have to juggle all those things at once, when we do have that precious time with our kids, be FULLY present for them. Give them all our energy in that moment... not just give them our presence while we're thinking of all the other things we need to do or stresses we have. Thank you, again!

Heather said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now and I just want you to know how amazing you are. Your posts constantly make me look at my life a little brighter. I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into sharing your insights on life.

Briggs: Party of Six said...

You have put into words the thoughts of how I have felt the last year or two. Thank you for sharing. I have been trying to make an effort this last little while to not let my children and wonderful husband, only get the "leftovers'.

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder!! I feel the same way about putting our very greatest blessings first and foremost in our lives, and not letting those other less important things take over. I am trying constantly to remind myself of that, so thank you for helping me with that. :)

Jill said...

I stumbed upon your blog through a friend of a friend's blog and am amazed at your miraculous journey. This post hit so close to home to me because feel like that all of the time. I am always wanting to hurry through life with my kids so that I can start doing the next thing on my list. I think I need to re-commit myself and stop serving leftovers as well.

Anonymous said...

You've re-opened my eyes! I consider myself a great mom but, after reading this blog, I've realized I too give my two wonderful babies MY leftovers! Not intensionally but under the impression that I'm doing what's right for my family. Ignorance I would say. Now I know better. And just like you I will not give my babies my leftovers...I'm giving them a feast from now on and forever! Thank you for being an inspiration and an eye opener. Many blessings to you & your family. Give Bronson a huge hug from us, The Marsack family! He's a perfect little boy who's story brought me to tears this morning. What a miracle! Again, blessings to you and your family!!!

Sariah E Salas said...

I never been this touched in my life, you are a very blessed family for having this miracle in your life, and I agree with you, our loving Father in Heaven has a plan for us and I'm sure that He has a very special one for Bronson...I have a 14 months old baby boy and I can't imagine what are you've been trough.

When I was reading your post about the leftovers, I can only think on the leftovers I give sometimes to my own family and you are right, we need to focus in the most important things in our life...OUR FAMILIES!Thanks for your blog its really helpful and I am really happy for you and your family...for this miracle of life.

Sariah Salas

P.S. Sorry about the grammar errors, I'm from El Salvador and still learning english :)

Laura said...

You don't know me, but I have been so moved by reading your family's story. This post especially is so motivating & moving. I will keep this post & re-visit it often as a reminder to me, because I also give my family "leftovers" everyday. My little 17 month, who is sick & very grumpy, won't annoy me for a second tomorrow (or more realistically tonight), not matter how tired I am. Thank you for being so brave & God bless your family.

kel d said...

Hi Sara-

I found the link to your blog on the MSN story about Bronson. I,too, have a son named Bronson and we also had a very scary incident shortly after he was born. We found out he was born with some congenital heart issues. He is alive and well and just turned two! Through my experience with those devastating times I now truly understand the concept of time. I have found your writing on Leftovers to be both inspirational and motivating. Well said!

marilynwaswiley said...

Sara and Matt,

Today I received an e-mail from Meridian Magazine that had your story with the links to your blog. The story touched me so very deeply that I decided to make comments on your blog.

We have a family member who is struggling for her life. She has three sweet young daughters and a wonderful husband who are praying for a miracle in their lives. There are many praying for her recovery, like what happened for Bronson.

I understand the power of prayer and am deeply touched to see loving, faithful people (of all faiths) praying and joining the power of their faith for healing. Here where we live, LDS are definitely a minority. So, it is good to see the faith of all joined for one's good.

I most especially loved reading in your blog that fear needed to be gotten out of the picture. That is one step of major importance in allowing the power of faith to work. I see in my own sister's life the inability to allow faith to work because of fear and other negative thought processes. She is dealing with life threatening maladies but, what I concern myself with the most is her loss of faith. It did lift her when I told her that I have faith enough for me and for her and that I would use my faith for her good. Your blog shows that faith is the key - to never give up hope and trust in our Heavenly Father.

Most importantly, I wanted to thank you for your beautiful openness that spurred your blog on Feb. 28 - Leftovers. Those thoughts should be before each of us every day. I have long insisted that we each forget to give our best to those we love the most - Heavenly Father, our spouse, our children, our family members, the list goes on....

The words you've posted, I will visit often now to help myself not "serve leftovers". This vein of thought reminded me of the thoughts I have each week as I partake of the sacrament. I always reach for a piece of the bread with crust, specifically to remind me to go beyond the crust, go into the delicious middle (though I am a crust lover!). That I won't partake of the sacrament lightly. That I won't partake of Christ's gift to me, lightly. That I will get to the center of Christ and that I will be Christ centered.

I believe these two veins of thought run to the same artery - true love, true charity. The power that Jesus Christ lived, taught and is asking us to partake of.

Thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful blog, for allowing me, a stranger, to come into your life, into your heart and soul. Isn't this what Jesus asks of us? Remember when you ask Him; "When saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger..." He will answer you; "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it to one of the least of these, ye did it to me."

Speaking as one of the least of these - I thank you! I will begin following your blog for more of these delicious feasts - definitely not leftovers!

marilynwaswiley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nate Hurst said...

My mother-in-law sent me your blog and I read it this morning with tears rolling down my face. Thank you for being an open book. I too have four little boys and when I read several of your posts I felt like it was me writing, that is if I was capable of expressing myself like you do. Anyhow, thanks.

Alison said...

Thank you for your post. It sounds too familiar and I needed a reality check. I too, am getting my head in the game-today!

Ashley Thalman said...

Its been a while since I've checked your lovely heartfelt blog! Thank you so much for your wonderful post. "To be done with lesser things!" Go you Mama! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

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