Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice Cream Issues...

Okay, I have a complaint...
Has anyone else noticed the Ice Cream Cartons suddenly getting smaller?
At first, I thought that it was just my perspective...
(As I get bigger, everything else in the world seems smaller by comparison.)
But NO! It is not just an illusion...
The Dreyers Ice Cream Cartons have recently become like 2/3 the size.
What the..?
This is a problem for me because of the sheer volume, that I, alone, consume on a daily basis.
(I need you all to refer me to THIS particular craving when I am complaining about the size of my hips & thighs post-pregnancy this Fall...
Ice Cream, alone, will account for at least 10 extra pounds!)
So why the sudden container size decrease?
Is this someone's vain attempt to cut down on my consumption?
Cuz it ain't workin' folks...I'm just buyin' more!
(And the price is the still the same per container... I might add...Blast those dang gas prices!)
So... where do I write? And who's with me?

Acrobat in Utero...

That's it...
The minute Baby Bronson is born, I am shipping him off to Vegas
to audition for Cirque du Soleil!
His acrobatic routine ought to be perfected by then since he practices, uh... NON-stop!
I thought Kaden was a little fireball, but this kid is taking it to a whole new level!
He is by far the most active of my children so far!
If his in-utero activity is any indication of personality
(which it has actually been right on with all of my others...),
then we are in trouble with this one!
This is much what my own bed feels like at night...
(and I'm NOT referring to any hanky-panky between Matt & I...
so no sly comments about that, thank you very much!)
There's a full-on Circus going on inside of me!
How can one sleep?