Monday, March 17, 2008


Remember how I thought Dayne seemed to be feeling better this morning? Well, he took a turn for the worse a few hours later... His nose was running out-of-control, and I was worried by how green the "drainage" was. (Gross, I know!) I was concerned that he might have a sinus infection or something. I, myself, was feeling like death-warmed-over, so I called and made Dr. appointments for both of us.

Yeah... well, it turns out sweet little Dayne has double ear infections (in both ears!) and the left ear is so bad that the drum has actually burst! I had NO IDEA! I have always been able to tell before! He has not pulled on his ear this time or anything! This is his 5th... FIFTH... ear infection since Christmas and they want to start talking about tubes... I am so sad for him! I feel just terrible! Poor sweet boy!

I, on the other hand, am just so very grateful to find that apparently, my "cold" is actually strep and a kidney infection. Ugh. So crappy to be sick... Even worse when you are pregnant and can't take a dang thing! (Tylenol? Please!) Antibiotics to the rescue... I should start feeling like a new person in a day or two!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Our Little Leprachauns were so excited to wear green to school today... and even MORE excited to catch anyone who wasn't!

And little Dayne seems to be feeling a wee bit better this morning (hopefully he's on the mend), although he'll be happy to stay in his jammies all day... good thing he has green ones (they match his nasty green boogers)!