Monday, March 3, 2008


I had a fun Girl's Night Out with a few of my very favorite ladies (namely Jane, Daphne and Caryn) on Saturday evening... (thanks girlies, for making the time!) :)

We went to Carrabba's for dinner. So yum! And I mean YUM with a capital Y-U-M! It is my very favorite food in all the world, I am fairly sure. If I had to choose just one thing to eat from today until the end of time, it would be the Fillet Bryan from Carrabba's. Of course, I may weigh 300 pounds by this time next year, because I always order it with grilled veggies AND garlic mashed potatoes (which are to DIE for!), but seriously... how DO they make that food taste SOOO good? I could eat there every day and NEVER get tired of it! If you haven't eaten there, crawl out of your cave... you HAVE to try it... TONIGHT! It is seriously the BEST food I have ever eaten.

It has been Matt and I's favorite restaurant for several years now, since it opened here in Orem. It is starting to get more crowded (secret's out!), but you can call ahead! The service is always personable and prompt and the food is perfect EVERY time! Almost everything on the menu is incredible, but I always order the Fillet Bryan. It is the very best steak I have ever tasted and has this amazing lemon-butter-basil sauce with sun-dried tomatoes. This photo (off their website) is of the Chicken Bryan, same dish, just chicken instead of steak. Both de-lish!

Anyway, eating there always makes me happy, so thanks Ladies for indulging in my craving with me! It's always nice to have good company for a FAB-ulous meal!

I wish I could say the same for the movie... SORRY! (It was totally MY pick!)
We went to see Fool's Gold, which I had high hopes for because I LOVED "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" and LOVE Matthew McConnaughey and Kate Hudson together in anything, even interviews... such great chemistry. I thought, "sweet, cute Kate", "toned, tanned Matthew" (with his shirt off for 2 hours)... what's not to like?

Well, I'm thinking maybe this was written during the writer's strike? Okay, just kidding, but seriously, it was THAT bad! REALLY corny characters, and totally implausible action scenes, cheesy camera angles, I could go on and on. The worst part is, I actually paid for it TWICE! When I bought the tickets online on Friday afternoon, I accidentally got them for Friday night instead of Saturday night. I realized my mistake as I was leaving Saturday and had to buy them AGAIN! Just my luck that the movie SUCKED!
And I know I am not the only one who was SHOCKED at the "topless flashing"... Since when do they show fully exposed boobs in Movies rated PG-13? I feel like an old-fogey saying it, but really... what is the world coming to these days? Thank goodness my boys (all of them!) were at home watching motor-cross! :)

Westridge Music Festival...

Westridge Elementary had their Annual Spring (although I am not sure this weather qualifies...) Music Festival, titled "Just Believe It!", last week. Kaden is in the 2nd Grade, so he remembered last year and was so excited to have us come and watch him perform. Here he is with his teacher Miss Giles, the BEST teacher EVER! (He just LOVES her!)

Each student made a Paper-Doll to represent themself. Kade and I had a blast making his! Trevan reassurred us when he said, "Oh my heck! It looks just like you, Kade!" (Phew! That was sort of the idea...)
...Note the glitter-glue we used to do the stripes on his shoes... yes... THIS was the project we had just finished before the afore mentioned "Daynen and the Glitter-Glue" Fiasco (see post below!).

Anyway, each Class then made a Poster out of their Paper-Dolls. Here is the one completed by Miss Giles' Class... Cute! Kade was so proud (...but a little annoyed that he was holding hands with a girl)!

Well, before you critique the pics from the Program, I need to give a quick explanation...

Somehow I misunderstood the flier that the School sent home saying that the Classrooms wouldn't be unlocked (for the Students to await their Grade's turn) until 6:45, and thought it meant that the SCHOOL wouldn't be unlocked until 6:45... so we showed up at 6:45... sharp... and the entire Auditorium was PACKED! BLAST! (I HATE having crappy seats!) To make it worse, I was so confident we'd have good seats that I'd only taken my tiny Point-and-shoot camera... soooo, anyway, sorry for the LOUSY pics. (Trust me, the seats were worse! I actually snuck up front next to a friend during the 2nd Grade songs to even get anything THIS decent!)

...Also, understand Kaden was on the far-right of the stage and I was on the far-left corner of the room, so we couldn't have been much farther apart... Darn... I'm camping out for better seats next year for sure! (Either that or I'm packing my BIG camera and my entire arsenal of wide-aperture telephoto lenses!)

Do you think Elelmentary School principals accept bribery... or rather "gifts"... "gifts that assure preferential seating" at all school functions and events? Maybe I'll give that a shot...

I tried to video a bit of the singing, but did a terrible job from where I was and how far zoomed in I had to be. (So if you get motion sick, you may not want to even attempt trying to watch it!)

The 2nd Grade sang "You're a Hero" and "Don't Give Up" and then joined with the whole student body at the end singing the theme song "Just Believe"

Oh, well! We went, we enjoyed, Kaden sang his little heart out and was so excited to have us come watch him, so no harm done! I'll just have to do better on the photos/video next year... I think I'll hire someone... ... anyone know a good professional? :)