Sunday, May 2, 2010

In-laws, er.. uh...OUT-laws...

Yep... Apparently it started young...
Someone really should have warned me what kind of family I was marrying into!
Hee hee! Just kidding!
(If anyone lucked out in the in-law department, it was certainly me!)
This is so cute, I just had to post it...
if not for your viewing enjoyment, then for their utter humiliation!
(It's an oldie, but a goodie that I just came across in Trevor's facebook pics.)
Don't think I've ever seen it, so it's giving me a good chuckle this evening...
These are the Lowry cousins, somewhere around the mid-80's, I'd guess.
Back row (Left to Right): Mike Staker (Matt's older and oh-so-much-wiser brother),
Megan Staker McMurdie (Matt's little sister) & Matt "Capone" Staker
Front Row: Ty Simcox (Matt's cousin), Trevor Simcox (also cousin),
Mindy Staker Johanson (Matt's littlest sister), & Rachelle Simcox Taysom (Matt's cousin)
Love you guys!
Glad you all gave up your "life of crime",
turned over a new leaf
and became productive, law-abiding citizens!
Wait... You did...Right?
Officer Simcox?