Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little Bruiser...

So these pics don't REALLY do it justice,
but Little D got his first-ever "Shiner" ...
He somehow rolled over the pillow barricade
and out of his new Big-Boy-Bed at about 4 am the night before last...
Thankfully, his roommate, Big Bro T, was a Hero and came running full-speed down the hall
to tell a still-sleeping Mom & Dad that D was "stuck".
And indeed he WAS really quite STUCK!
It took even ME a few long seconds to unwedge him from the little crevice he had rolled into
(which, FYI, we are now packing with pillows at bedtime to prevent a recurrence!).
Well, as you can see here, THANKFULLY, there seems to be no permanent damage.
(Just the black-eye, which is already looking so much better!)
He woke up happy and smiling as ever
and hasn't hesitated for even a second about getting back into his new bed.
...Phew! (Because the crib will soon be re-occupied!)