Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Today is my Mom & Dad's 38th Wedding Anniversary!

They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on April 2, 1970.
(WOW! I can't even comprehend how long ago that was... Good thing, I'm not that old yet!)

They met while working at the church's granite Genealogical Vaults and were engaged on their second date!
As far as I know, they've been happy ever since!
Not that their lives, nor their marriage has been necessarily easy, but I think to their credit, they've both always been committed to making the best of their current circumstances.

What a good perspective... they've taught me so many things.


I honestly don't remember my Dad ever losing his temper. I'm sure he did at some point, but it was few enough times and far enough between that specific instances escape me now.

And think of the patience it would have taken to wait 7 LONG YEARS to be blessed with t heir first child (ME!) and another 6 before we adopted my brother, Joe. Wow!

I reminded myself of this MANY times while waiting for my own children to come to our family...


I learned the importance of picking up and moving on at an early age.

Dad was a Navy Career man and we moved often when I was young.

It was always presented as an opportunity for growth, adventure, new friends and experiences. I am grateful now for many scattered friends I have collected easily along the way!


From Mom I gained a respect for nurturing, loving and serving those around me.

My Mom is unyieldingly loyal to those she loves and she "takes care of her own" at all cost. She and her mother were inseparable and many people actually thought they were sisters! She cared unceasingly for her father, even though it required several visits a day for many years. Now she enjoys watching her grandchildren WAY more than her fair share of the time. Her selfless attitude and willing sacrifices are still such an example to me of true "Mothering" .


Okay, I could go on and on, but I am too teary to even see the keyboard... (another FUN side-effect of this pregnancy...) sooo, let me just say that I am SOOO blessed to have been raised by such wonderful, loving, supportive parents. I love them deeply...

I am so very grateful for them... for the values they embrace... for the irreplaceable role they have played in my life... and for the promise of an eternal family.


Love you, Mom and Dad!
Here's to many, many more!