Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Trevan!

The other day a friend called and asked for Birthday Gift ideas for Trevan,
so I asked him for suggestions that I could pass along.
He thought for a minute and then excitedly exclaimed,
"I know the perfect gift! An extra candle... so I can be 6!"
Needless to say, he was a little disappointed when I explained that it doesn't work that way...
He is just so excited to be growing up! He loves being the biggest and tallest of his friends and is always comparing himself to Kaden, or his teenage "big-boy" friend Greg.
He can't wait to start "real" school and has been planning and counting down the days to his birthday since just after his last one.
Whenever I threaten to stack books on top of his head to make him stop growing
or tease him that I am going to put him in the freezer to keep him this age forever,
he just looks at me like I'm a crazy person, rolls his eyes and says,
"Don't worry Mom... I'll still love you even when I'm as big as a Dad."
. . . . .
Oh, Trev... how is it possible that you are 5 already?
It just doesn't seem like it can be real!
...And yet somehow it seems like you have been a part of our family much longer
and that you are much more grown up than just 5 years could allow...
Before you were born, I wondered how I could ever love another little boy as much as our Kaden, but the second I met you in this life, I knew my heart had expanded...
You are such an easy boy to love! How can anyone not just adore you?
Sometimes you just seem too good to be true!
You have always been my sweetheart, our tender Little Man.
Always eager to please and ready to give lots of love to whoever needs a lift.
Daddy and I can't help but smile when we see you or hear your contagious little giggle!
You are such a joy to be around because of your happy, pleasant nature.
The name "Trevan" means "Gracious" and "Fair".
I can always count on you to be helpful and obedient, even though there might be something else you'd rather be doing. I love it that you are always the first to volunteer!
It breaks my heart to ever see you sad or disappointed, because you are such a content and grateful person and never want to hurt anyone else or make them feel bad.
We love to hear you pray, because you are so reflective and rarely ask for anything, just saying thanks for all you have.
We love that you are so thoughtful and intuitive about the feelings of others.
I see you serving and doing kind things for others every day, even without being asked.
You are selfless by nature and always willing to sacrifice for others, especially those you love.
You are a great friend and a wonderful, devoted brother.
Even as a tiny baby, you were so star-struck by your Big Brother Kaden.
You still light up whenever he enters the room and can't wait for him to return when he is away. We love that you admire him so much and want to be just like him,
to keep up with him and do all the things he can do.
You are truly his very best and most loyal friend!
You are so sweet and patient with Little Dayne
and I think you might be the most excited one in our family for our new Baby Bronson!
You are probably right when you say you are his favorite...
He loves your daily kisses and snuggles to my tummy
and your constant asking, "How much longer until he gets to come out?"
I am sure he can't wait to meet you, too!
As you grow, we are continually amazed at how capable you are.
You are just like your Daddy... new things come easily and naturally for you.
We love to watch you excel and your confidence increase.
Just look at the absolute joy on your face..!
You are logical and practical and we love to see your little mind at work!
You are such a problem-solver, always the first to overcome an obstacle with an immediate solution, and even if it sounds or seems implausible to us, you never give up!
We hope that your optimistic, independent spirit will motivate you to do great things and inspire others thoughout your life.
We are so proud of you, Trev... You are such a great kid!
We know that your respect for authority, your enthusiasm for learning, your unending determination will insure that you are a success at whatever you decide to do!
We are so blessed to have your peaceful influence in our home and family
and can't imagine it without you!
. . . . .
Dear Trevan~
Happy 5th Birthday, Trev! I cant believe it you're turning 5! You're growing so fast. (you'll love your birthday present) okay lets get back to wishing you a happy birthday. I'm so excited for tomorrow! (its gonna be fun I can tell) you'll get a lot of birthday presents from every body !
I'm saying weird stuff cuz I cant really think that fast. I love that you're so thoughtfuol to us, you're brothers. Okay I love that you're so excitede to see me when ever I get home; and I love how almost every night you rub my back when you sleep over in my room. I love you trevan I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.
Daddy loves you, too!
He will type a letter here later! :)