Friday, March 26, 2010

B Strong... Be Fit... Be One... Be there!

I am posting this again as a friendly reminder...

Our wonderful, a-MAZ-ing and completely over-achieving sister, Mindy,
has put this great event together in our behalf.
The blessings just seem to have no end.
We are absolutely thankful.
(Thanks, Mind!)
We are also grateful
that this will provide us with a much-needed opportunity
to thank so many of you for your love and support,
and allow us to throw you a bit of a Thank-You Party!

So whether you run, or not... please
Come celebrate the gift of life with us
in honor of Bronson's second chance!

There will be a 5K and a Children's 1 Mile Fun Run.
Starting at 9 am
Food, Games, Prizes, Raffles, Bounce Houses!

Register online @:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview on NBC's Today show...

For those who asked for the link to Bronson's story,
Click here...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today is tomorrow...

Several weeks ago, just after we returned from the hospital,
we were contacted by NBC's morning show, Today.
They had been following Bronson's story and asked if they could interview us live on their show.
Of course, we declined.
We needed to be home with our boys, who had been well cared for by Alli
and spoiled by family and friends in our absence,
but WE worried about them, after all they had been through.
And knew we needed to reconnect and spend time as a family.
So NBC clarified that the offer was for all of us... the whole gang. Even Alli.
We were shocked...
They explained all the reasons that Bronson's strory appealed to them.
It was well-documented through my blog.
It had been well-photographed and we had taken video as it unfolded.
And most of all, it was miraculous.
And GOOD news to tell.
We were slightly more intrigued...
But they wanted us right away.
We said sorry, but we needed some down time.
They offered to wait until after the Olympics.
We considered...
But with everything going on, I wasn't sure that it wasn't just another distration from our focus.
Our family.
We declined again.
SO they sent us a piece they aired several years ago.
Another miracle.
About a boy from Texas who had been killed in and ATV accident.
His death announced in the local paper.
The family had bid their final farewells
and prepared to honor his wishes as an organ donor.
Helicopters were waiting on the roof.
Recipients standing by.
And yet his Grandma prayed on for a miracle.
Long story short, they interviewed him on NBC a few months later.
We were touched as we watched his parents.
Incredible and faithful people, telling the story of their miracle.
We were reminded of a scripture that has become particularly meaningful to us lately.
We know that Bronson's miracle was not just given to him.
Not even just to us.
We believe it was given for the benefit of mankind.
To show forth the all-powerful hand of God.
To remind us that our loving Father in Heaven has a plan for us and for our families.
That He hears and answers our prayers.
That He intervenes with the course of nature, when necessary, to accomplish His will.
That we were blessed enough to witness one of these occurances.
First hand.
We could not be more grateful.
We are humbled to the core and still in shock of His grace and His mercy.
That this happened for us, and not for so many others with similar stories.
So many who prayed just as faithfully...
So many who were also hopeful for their own miracle.
Maybe even more worthy.
So many who accepted the will of God,
even when it was not what they would have chosen.
And yet, somehow, for some reason,
we recieved more than we could have possibly dreamed.
We recieved Bronson.
Here. Now. Complete. Whole. Himself. Seemingly unaffected.
And with that comes a responsibility.
One that feels too big, and yet we eagerly embrace.
Knowing we have room to grow.
We promise to do our best to give back.
To raise awareness.
To help others to learn vicariously through my mistake.
Help them to reevaluate and to prioritize.
And most importantly, we commit to bear testimony and stand as witnesses of God.
At all times, and in all things and in all places.
Even moreso than ever before.
Even if that means being on camera in front of a national audience.
Matt is excited for the missionary opportunity.
I just hope I don't trip...
Or ramble. Oh, how I hope I don't ramble...
And please pray that little B behaves himself!
He is such a wild man!
I just have one word about this...
Natonal TV will get him in whatever mood he is in!
Let's hope he sleeps well tonight!
Here are a few shots from the in home interview they shot a few days ago.
A few minutes of it will air on NBC's morning show, Today, tomorrow morning, March 12.
Aye aye aye...
How on earth did we get here?
New York City... NBC... Here we are...
Be gentle with us.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NYC or bust...

Off we go!
. .
Alli and the boys, curbside,with our stash of bags, etc.
Not bad... for a traveling party of 7!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Just came across this little diddy,
which {insert huge sigh of relief} still makes me smile...
Quite possibly my favorite picture that I've ever taken!
when I least expect it...
amid all the underwear wrestling...
the bumps and dents in our walls...
the disturbingly unexplainable "mystery" bruises...
the constant coat of caked mud on their shoes...
the stained sleeves they borrow and use as napkins...
the wall murals painted in sharpie and/or white-out correction tape (Umm... yeah)...
the glitter glue I'll never get out from between the floor boards in the Craft Room...
the incessant arsenal of whirling plastic weaponry...
the indian burns and purple nurples...
the super-hero dress ups...
the little growling dinosaurs...
the blanket forts and bubble baths...
the entire cast of miniature 'CARS' cars which magically drive themselves all around our house...
the Legos... {insert exasperated sigh}... oh, all those darn LEGOS...
the skateboards and scooters and bikes and rollerblades and ripsticks...
the crayons, paintbrushes, colored pencils and markers...
the dog-eared UNO cards...
and otterpops...
Amid Diego and Sponge Bob...
Zack & Cody, Drake & Josh...
Mario Kart and Lego Star Wars on the Wii...
Piano lessons and Pine Wood Derbys...
the grubby smears and fingerprints...
Basketball Courts...
Soccer Fields...
Football Turf...
Batting Cages and Baseball Diamonds...
Bouldering Gear and rock climbing harnesses...
various scattered ski paraphernalia...
the beloved Webkinz and super-powered Sock Monkeys...
the mountainous piles of homework...
the pirate eye-patches and the nerf dart guns...
the CTR rings and zip-up neckties...
the holes in... well... what DOESN'T have them these days?
Yes, amid merciless pillow fights until someone cries... (and that would usually be Trevan)...
the never-ending grass-stained jeans...
Amid "I Love you Stinky Face" and "Where the Wild Things Are"...
the bubblegum tape and the pixie sticks...
and pants that are too short... too quickly...
Every once in a while...
I get a glimpse of the amazing, incredible men these boys are growing to be.
And I find myself in the presence of greatness.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I absolutely adore this little sketch I found on our Mud Room Counter...
"Wow! Who drew this?", I asked my boys.
Trevan timidly but teasingly replied, "Don't you mean 'Hoot-whoo' drew it, Mom?"
{Hee hee!}
Handsome, artistic and clever ...
I like that in a guy!
(Watch out First Grade ladies! This guy is a triple threat!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh, my dear friends~
I just got this e-mail and it caught my breath...
"Dear Sara...
Please help me by getting the word out about my sweet niece.
She was found not breathing and without a heartbeat this afternoon
and is fighting for her life at Primary Children's right now.
The outlook is grim but I know how your story ended
and I am looking for that same miracle...
so please add us to your prayer list for tonight!

Thank you...
I do not know Auntie Amy.
I do not know little Sage.
But I DO know something of the heartache her poor parents must be facing.
The anguish of not knowing.
The fear of possibilities you can not yet allow yourself to consider.
The helplessness. Heaviness. Dread.
The audacity of daring to hope and to pray for a miracle...
Please, oh please pray for sweet little Sage.
And pray for her family to be strengthened and sustained.
The details are still a bit unclear,
but you can read about it here, on her Auntie Amy's blog.