Thursday, February 11, 2010

Survived the Press interview...
{Insert BIG sigh of relief...}
They all seemed really nice.
I'd been worried...
Hoping they'd give things the positive spin they deserve.
But they were hoping for a story with a happy ending.
...This place needs one this week.
Thank goodness Bronson is the miracle they were looking for...
The miracle we were all looking for!
Oh, thank you Heavenly Father for granting us a miracle!
If you'd like to see our sweet boy on TV,
tune in to Channel 5 News at 6:00. Or Channel 4.
Unfortunately, you'll also have to watch me ramble to the cameras,
wearing clothes I dug out from the bottom of my bag.
Clothes I've worn 3 other times this week and slept in twice, by the way.
Will someone please DVR it for us?
Bronson will love to see himself on TV.
And maybe someday I'll want to roll my eyes at myself on camera.
I really hate to be on the wrong side of the camera...
I'd much rather be behind it!

Big Steps Forward...

As if we haven't had enough miracles...

This morning we've made another few big steps toward coming home!

B is walking!

He is playing fetch with his new favorite ball!

(Thanks, Auntie Krista!)

And he is off all oxygen and support and is on only minimal monitoring.

No one can believe it!

It is all smiles here!