Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sigh... What is it about a neatly stacked cabinet full of perfectly sorted,
color-coded* dishes for my kids that brings such joy to my little soul?
It's just such a beautiful sight, I had to take a photo...
I don't expect many of you to understand this, but I just LOVE to be organized...
to the extreme!
Silly, I am sure (and I am the first to admit that it's probably right on the verge of unhealthy),
but I can't deny how very, very GOOD it feels!
(Insert a happy smile of satisfaction...)
*Some of you already know, and maybe I am sharing too much with the rest of you...
but when I say "color-coded", I mean that in a literal sense...
Each of my children is actually assigned a specific color (before birth),
and everything that belongs to that boy is always that color.
(I have lucked out so far that Kaden's favorite color is blue and Trevan loves red...
Everything for Daynen is green, and of course, he is still too little to know for sure,
but I am hoping that he will just be so used to it that it will grow on him!
And in case you are wondering, after much deliberation, Bronson will be orange.)
Sound crazy? Maybe...
But I ALWAYS know who remembered to put their dishes in the Dishwasher
or who's Art Supplies are still out in the Craft Room, and I love how easy it makes the little things in our life.
There is no fighting over who's is who's or who gets which one.
And for the record, they love this system, too.
So there... I said it... Now you know.