Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Hoo-hoo" has an opinion?

I LOVE that my boys are strong willed.
I LOVE that they are driven, assertive and know what they want.
I LOVE that they stand up for what they believe in, without backing down, I really do.
I even LOVE their over-stated, sometimes quite surprisingly, very strong opinions...
Especially the ones that make me chuckle...
Well, we've been meaning to see this movie for a while and just hadn't made it yet.
You know, other priorities first.
But somehow it finally snuck up to the top of our list.
So we took the boys out to the Buck-Flick...
We thought they would all LOVE it...
Well, the big boys sat glued, as expected...
And Bronson, wild monkey,
took advantage of the nearly empty theatre
and ran up...
and down...
and back...
and forth...
and through...
the aisles...
just his little blonde head silently bobbing up and down,
glowing above the seat tops in front of us.
Who ARE his parents to allow that sort of behavior?
So anyway, he and I missed half of it...
But it was our D who was the surprise!
...He is such a movie buff!
He'll watch anything!
And he has LOVED every other 3D movie that he's seen,
which is why this came as such a shock!
Halfway through,
upon my return from yet another run to the Lobby
with my crazy little maniac,
I found D slumped and scowling in his booster,
glaring at the big screen over the tops of his 3D glasses.
"D, what's wrong?", I whispered.
He gruffly and not-so-quietly whispered back,
"I want to go home!"
"What?", I asked, genuinely surprised.
"I hate this movie!", again, not-so-quiet.
"Why? What's the matter?", trying to soothe him.
Then this, increasingly louder and with pure and unmistakable spite,
"I HATE owls!"
Snickers from the handful of other theatre-goers within a few rows' vicinity*...
Well, there you have it...
Hooooo knew?
*My apologies to anyone who was there, trying to quietly enjoy their night out...
But hey!
Glad we could help entertain you for the evening!