Monday, August 4, 2008

Good CLEAN fun!

While were were picking up this morning,
I handed Trevan a pile of his laundry to take to the Laundry Room
and told him to go put it in the Washer, so I could start a load.
He disappeared down the hallway.
A few minutes later, I found that same pile in a heap on the Laundry Room floor...
Rolling my eyes, I picked it up to finish the job.
As I opened the lid to the Washer, I nearly hit the ceiling...
I literally about peed my pants as he popped out and said, "Boo!"
(It would have been the funniest video!)
Just for laughs, we repeated the trick, this time on an unsuspecting older brother...
Same result... Kaden about had a heart attack!
. video
We are still laughing!
What a little stinker!