Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For Jane... and the girls!

When our bestie from Boston visits during her birthday week, we ladies rally!
The guest of honor requested uniquely "Utah-fare"
and La Jolla Groves never disappoints...
Every dish is de-lish!

(Shannon, Susan, Jane, Becky, Caryn {who apparently did not get the stripes memo!}, Summer with Baby Graham & Me)

Since movie picks were a bit on the scarce side, we opted for pedis instead!
(They sort-of turned out to be "mini-pedis", really,
and only for just half of us...
but the evening was really just about the company, anyways!)

(Me, Caryn, Becky, Shannon, Daphne, Jane, Susan, Summer & Lil' Graham Cracker)

And please forgive me,
(maybe I'm feeling overly-sentimental..?)
but I just can't help saying
as I look at these ladies, I count myself blessed to be amongst them...
I see mothers... daughters... sisters... friends...
balancing so many things and doing so much good in our circles of influence,
no matter the size...
whether relatively small, or literally global in our reach.
I see creative energy that has no bounds.
Ever changing.
Unintimidated and unabashed.
Talent. Tenacity. Ambition.
I see true beauty, both inside and out.
We are loyal and kind.
We love fiercely...
(A lot!)
And listen.
We have suffered unspeakable, unimaginable loss.
Both individually, and even collectively.
Have struggled and overcome.
Have stumbled. Have risen. And continue to press forward.
And to thrive.
I see strength.
Raw, undeterrable discipline.
With grace. And unassuming poise.
I am amazed at breadth of experience we embody.
Such a spectrum...
Each our own heartaches. Disappointments.
And yet... Inconceivable triumphs.
And through it all, we smile,
Warmly. Genuinely.
With gratitude.
Committed to ensuring that the best is yet to come!
Oh, how grateful I am for each one of you, girlies!
How very grateful indeed!
My friends.
I don't see you all often enough, but oh how dear you are to me!