Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday afternoon was simply smashing...

I had a fun afternoon out with some of my favorite ladies...
It was Janey's Birthday Lunch.
She is a gorgeous, graceful 35...
And she does it oh so well, already!
She's just smashing! Simply smashing!
Which is fitting since she chose SmashBurger...
(Yes, the pun is shamefully intended...)
I'd never been...
But my Harvest Chicken Salad was de-lish!
And the company was even better!
Here are a few of us,
(Left to Right: Jane, Daph, McKenna, Suz, Shan, Caryn, Me, Summer, Becky)
courtesy of Jane's i-phone and her super-fun, oh-so-retro Shake-It Polaroid Ap,
(...which if you ask me, makes Jane and Summer look like oompa-loompas and me look like Raggedy Ann!
Hee hee!
Ah, well...
That's what I get for not packing my own camera, eh?)