Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Losing It!

I have heard that it is NORMAL to lose brain cells when you are pregnant, but seriously, THIS is getting ridiculous! I really fear I may be losing my mind, or my short term memory, at least!

In the last 6 weeks, I have lost (as in completely LOST... no where to be found) my Driver's License, my Credit Card, my retainer and my keys (although I did finally find my keys). I DID NOT do this with my other pregnancies. I am, by nature, a detailed person, and because I have such a crazy, uber-busy life, I HAVE to be organized and efficient to just function! And I am just NOT normally a forgetful person! I actually have a great memory... freakish sometimes...

It is not, however, uncommon lately for me to walk into a room and realize I have NO IDEA what I just came in for. Yesterday, I got to the Grocery Store without a list and could NOT, to save my life, remember what I had gone to get. Thank goodness my kids were there to remind me what we needed (and then aimlessly wander the aisles to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything)! I also left the bathtub running for OVER AN HOUR! (Thank goodness the overflow drain kept up or I'd have flooded the whole house and Matt may have divorced me!) I purchased movie tickets for the wrong night the other day (see GNO post below)...dumb! And it is a really good thing Blockbuster stopped charging late fees, because I realized last week that I had movie rentals that were 3 weeks old. I totally forgot to return them! I just realized this morning that I have failed to register my boys for Spring Sports... the deadline was last week... they are NOT going to be happy campers. And the worst so far... I completely FORGOT to pick Trevan (and Hudson) up from Preschool the other day until the Office called to see if everything was okay... they'd been sitting there waiting for me to pick them up for over 20 minutes! So embarrassing!