Monday, January 10, 2011

Sparkling afternoon...

A very fine mist of snow has been gently falling since the wee hours this morning
and has continued silently into this afternoon.
It's so fine that you'd hardly even notice it
if it weren't for your windshield needing an occasional swipe.
It helped when the sun started to peek through a few hours ago,
because now it sparkles as it cascades down from Heaven.
And everything previously gray and dingy
has suddenly been covered with a fresh, sparkly clean coat.
You gotta hand this one to Mother Nature...
The effect is quite stunning, I must say.
(The pictures don't do it justice at all.)
Well, a little bit ago,
as we backed out of the garage on our way out for a couple errands,
Dayne looked out the window and gasped, "Oh, my!"
I chuckled because it sounded so funny and so old-fashioned...
not one of his normal expressions...
"What?", I asked.
"The sky is glittering!", he said.
"Ha!", I laughed out loud.
It really did look exactly like glitter!
I looked back at him,
watching intently out the window as we pulled down the street
and smiled to myself,
so thankful for this little boy...
his enthusiasm,
his happy, pleasant, optismistic nature
and his utter and absolute zest for life and all things in it.
Just then he whispered,
"And it is so bea-U-tee-full, Mom!"
Yes, Daynen... It is beautiful.
LIFE is beautiful!
And I am so blessed to see it through your eyes!