Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg-Hunt "Egg"stravaganza!

Thanks to Laurie's cul-de-sac for hosting our annual
Grandview Neighborhood Easter Egg-Hunt "Egg"-stravaganza!
Beautiful weather, great food and good company... it was perfect!
(I should have taken photos of the food and gathering... we out-did ourselves this year...
but without Matt, I was too busy keeping track of my Egg-hunters, solo- style.)

Kaden, all-about-speed, was thrilled to find a dozen eggs right off the bat...
...and even more "egg"-cited that one of his was a coveted golden egg! WooOOoo!

As always, the boys were so "egg"-cited they could hardly sleep last night! (Little Trev woke me up at 6:30 to ask if it was time to go yet. ) And despite the pained "egg"-spression on his face (because it was so bright), he said it was worth the wait!
He was still searching LONG after everyone else had finished to count their loot and ended up finding a full dozen for himself and then made sure Daynen had all of his! What a good brother... He really is so thoughtful!

And I'm soooo glad that my littlest hunter is feeling better today!
Aside from eating dirt and grass, Dayne loved shaking the eggs and was thrilled to find a surprise in each one!

What a fun-filled (and "eggs"- hausting!) morning... I 'm ready for a nap!