Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Afternoon's Craving...

Mmmmm... MMMMMM... Mmmmmm!

So in case you are having trouble interpreting (or perhaps believing!) what you are seeing, this is my latest Culinary Development:

Leftover Hard-boiled Easter Eggs, sliced-in-half

Sprinkled with a little Salt & Pepper

Topped with (that's right!) Sweet-Pickle Relish!

Wah-lah! Heaven on a plate! A delicious Confectionery Masterpiece!

(...Or perhaps it's just the pregnancy talking...)


So we made it through Daynen's surgery this morning... (insert a big sigh of relief)... he had a "bilateral myringotomy", which is the official name for "tubes" in both ears.

Both, our surgeon, Dr. Kipp Robins (who also did Trevan's tonsillectomy a year ago) and anesthesiologist, Dr. Thayne Wilson (who is one of my clients) were wonderful and reported that everything went as well as could be hoped for. It is such a routine and relatively simple procedure, but it is still so dramatic when it is your own sweet baby!

Here he is with Daddy, as we checked in and the nurse took his vitals. (This is just a few seconds before I realized I'd forgotten to charge the camera battery and it died... so DARN! No other photos at the hospital..!)

Waking up from anesthesia is always a little rough for a few minutes, but he did pretty well. There was a lot of fluid in both ears (his left ear was 100% full, right ear over 80% full), so we are told to expect some drainage for a few days, but he should have a remarkable increase in hearing and a decrease in both ear pressure and (hopefully!) in ear infections. Yea!
Poor little guy! By the time we got home a little after 9 am, he was soooo ready for a nap...

He has always been my sleeper and LOVES to be in his own bed! He is still sleeping soundly...

...In fact, I think I may go join him! We are both exhausted! (I guess I'm just a wimp, but I realized I would NOT do well as a mom to a chronically sick child... how do people do it?)