Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh, my dear friends~
I just got this e-mail and it caught my breath...
"Dear Sara...
Please help me by getting the word out about my sweet niece.
She was found not breathing and without a heartbeat this afternoon
and is fighting for her life at Primary Children's right now.
The outlook is grim but I know how your story ended
and I am looking for that same miracle...
so please add us to your prayer list for tonight!

Thank you...
I do not know Auntie Amy.
I do not know little Sage.
But I DO know something of the heartache her poor parents must be facing.
The anguish of not knowing.
The fear of possibilities you can not yet allow yourself to consider.
The helplessness. Heaviness. Dread.
The audacity of daring to hope and to pray for a miracle...
Please, oh please pray for sweet little Sage.
And pray for her family to be strengthened and sustained.
The details are still a bit unclear,
but you can read about it here, on her Auntie Amy's blog.