Sunday, April 27, 2008

More of Kade-o's work...

I promised a shot of Kaden's finished "Sports Balls" Image-Panel once it was finished and up on the wall. We finally got around to taking a quick shot of it...

(By the way, he's decided he might try selling these prints ($30 per set of 3 8x8's), if anyone's interested... he's going to save up for BYU Football Camp...)

I also thought I'd give you a peek at another project he and I (mostly "I" on this one, though) have been working on his his room.
This is the East Wall in his Bedroom...
which we decided to make into a funky 3-D Sports Collage, featuring... HIM!
Since I am in LOVE with those Gallery-Wrapped Canvases lately, we made a few from some of our favorite shots of him in action.

He helped me choose which pics he liked best and what monotone-shade to make them into.
We even got Dad involved, since he is the one who builds the frames and wraps the canvases for us... Thanks, Babe! You're a pro!

We just LOVE how this wall is turning out and plan to add to it and update it as he plays each different Season... something we can BOTH look forward to!

What a play-a!