Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday, Kaden!

I can NOT believe that my baby is 8 today! EIGHT years old!
The days may creep past, but how the years fly by!
. . . . . .
Once when Kade was about 3, I asked him, "Do you know why I love you so much?"
He answered without missing a beat, "Because! I made you a MOMMY!"
. . . . . .
Yes, Kade... you made me a Mommy. And I will be grateful forever and ever!
Daddy and I were so very excited to finally be parents and we could not have asked for a more wonderful boy.
We love your spirit and your fire for life.
We love your enthusiasm and your passion for all you do.
You are so creative and have a wonderful imagination and an incredible memory.
You are smarter and wiser than your years... You amaze us every day!
You are such a great, fun friend!
Your name, "Kaden", means "Beloved Friend" , and that is what you are to everyone.
We are so grateful that you are such a good example to your brothers, and to us.
You have such a strong sense of right and wrong.
That will be such a strength to you throughout your life as you learn to let the Spirit guide you.
We are so grateful to see you choosing the right every day and learning to set good habits.
We hope we can continue to help you learn values that will bring you a lifetime of happiness.
Daddy is so excited you have chosen him to baptize you.
What a special bond you two have had, since the very moment you were born...
and probably long, long before...
I love this photo of you knee-boarding on Friday. You did soooo awesome!
We could not believe how great you did your first time out!
You are learning to be patient and persistent when you are trying new things,
even when they are hard or scary.
I also love this picture because it reminds me how grown up you are getting.
It looks like you are saying,
"Look, Mom! NO hands!"
And that is just where your life is taking us...
You are learning to be capable and independent and to do so many things by yourself.
This is the age when you become accountable for your own choices
and I am so grateful that you are the young man that you are growing up to be.
I am blessed to be a part of your be your Mommy.
I am teary as I sit and think about how my life has changed since this very day...
8 years ago, today...
I can hardly remember life before you came into our home, Sweet Boy.
It seems an eternity ago, and yet I realize how very fleeting a time we will have with you until you are grown.
It is going so fast... You are almost half way there!
I love you, forever and ever... to infinity and beyond, Kaden!
My heart is bigger and fuller and I have found joy and sorrow that I could never have imagined...
Thank you, Kade, for making me a Mommy... Your Mommy!
Kaden: All this blogging stuff can get on ones nerves...
but what a better way to say
than this blogging stuff.
Mom always reminds me that we only have 10 more summers with you
then you'll be done with school and ready for a mission and then out on your own.
It seems like yesterday you were born. I still remember the nurses rushing you away
because you were having a hard time breathing. As I looked at you through the glass incubator
I knew you were a very special boy! It wasn't long after we brought you home I knew
I was right. You are an awesome son!