Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dayne's First ER Visit...

Just thought we'd give you a peek at our 7 Hour ER Adventure this afternoon...
It all started during my afternoon round of Spring Cleaning...
I found a bottle of Floor Cleaner that someone had mistakenly put away in the Upstairs Cleaning Closet. (It belongs in the Main Floor Cleaning Closet because I use it on the Hardwood Floor of our Front Entry.) I set it in a basket of things I was collecting at the top of the stairs and planning to put away on my next trip downstairs.
Big Mistake.
A half an hour later
(after my casual, obligatory phone call to Poison Control ended with an urgent warning),
we were met at the doors of the ER and quickly escorted to the front of the triage line.
Daynen was given an IV (the WORST part of the whole thing!) and a 9 ounce bottle of charcoal to drink. Thick, black, disgusting CHARCOAL!
Of course, he did not like it at all, but we were told the alternative was an intibation(?) tube straight to his stomach, so I had to beg and force him to drink it.

(This smile is only because Kaden is a great photographer and can be a really funny distraction.)
Fast forward several LONG, EXHAUSTING, HOURS full of blood tests and toxicity reports...
(Peek-a-boo around the corner of the Hospital Bed only lasted so long...
And then he was ready to get OUT of there!)

Sure, he flirted at the Nurses and smiled at the Doctors...
(so proud to finally get that DANG bracelet off!)...
even smiled for his Chest X-Ray... which he thought it was a camera...
(Hee Hee! I guess I have him well-trained!)
but let me assure you, this busy, curious boy was NOT happy to be cooped up, bored, un-napped, un-fed, poked and prodded...
I couldn't blame him! After a few hours, I started feeling a little irrational myself!
(Thanks to my dear and FAB-u-lous friend, Cheryl, who brought us reinforcements in the form of a sandwich and some warm milk for a bottle! Sooo appreciated! We were both starving!)
ALWAYS keep your cleaning solutions up HIGH out of reach...
(really, every single second!)
Trust us, the anecdote is NO FUN!

On the ball!

Looky what my Kade-o did!
I've been wanting to create an Image Gallery in his Sports-themed Bedroom,
so I set him loose with my big camera.
He had a "ball" being creative and only needed a little help here and there!
(I should have taken pictures of him taking the photos, but Matt had my other camera in St. George. Oh well...)
We tweaked the Images in Photoshop to make them look "antiquey"
(which he thought was so cool), and plan to frame them together on his wall.
He can hardly wait for them to come back from the Lab!


It's well after midnight...
The good, responsible, practical people of the world are all sleeping.
No. Not even close...
I'm wide awake...
running a hot bath
(which I am nearly giddy to go soak in!)
and eating Strawberry Ice Cream
with Caramel Sauce on top.
That's right...
Caramel... LOTS of Caramel!
Because that's what the baby says I want to eat at this late hour...
Oh, the indulgences of pregnancy!
This evening's concession will likely be the sole cause of an entire jean size increase...