Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo!

Since I've been sick in bed for two days,
I decided I needed an excuse to get up and do something productive... Hmmm...

Cinco de Mayo!


Since we have NO ties to Mexico (other than liking to vacation there!),
we decided to Americanize our celebration... Staker-style!

Here's the spread...

Fajitas, please!

... with all the "Fixin's"!

(Pretty, if nothing else!)

and Chips & Mango Salsa... YUM!

Everyone seemed to LOVE them...
Even the littlest critic!
(Um... these are "Ghost-Goggles", by the way...

Yeah, we don't know either... whatever!)

Despite their technical difficulties...

They all cleaned their plates and dug in for more!
And then even got to pig-out on Dessert!

(That's David, by the way... Kade's friend who ate over...)

Then for FHE, we had a quickie "cultural" lesson about Mexico, the History of Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican flag, etc. The boys colored pictures I printed off the internet of Fiestas and Pinatas.

And we ended the evening with a favorite "Mexican-American" game...

What else? UNO!