Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GW Canvases...

I've been in major Home Improvement Project mode for the last couple of weeks...
Should we call it nesting? I don't know, but I am just hoping to keep up the momentum!

So this was my big accomplishment today...

I FINALLY ordered my OWN set of Gallery Wrapped Canvases
from the Headshots I took of my boys just before Christmas!
(Sad that it has taken me this long... the curse of being a Photographer...)

These are my new FAVE thing to shoot in the Studio and they turn out sooo cool!

I love to shoot them Low-Key (like these, dark clothing on a dark background) and then desaturate them in Photoshop, adding a nice rich Sepia-tone color balance with a little bit of Hand-tinting... Mmm-wah!

If you've never seen a Gallery-Wrap, this is how they work...

The Portraits are printed on Canvas Giclee Paper (which is like a canvas fabric)
and then Matt builds a cutom-stretcher-frame for me and we actually "gallery-wrap" the photos around it, stapling the Canvas to the back, where you can't see it.
The finished Portrait hangs frame-less right on the wall, sort of like a shadow-box...
very cool, very simple, very contemporary.

(So what you see within the pinstripe area appears on the "face" of the Canvas and the outer edge wraps around the sides of the wooden frame... that's why the border looks so wide... the photo frames itself!) The extra white canvas around the very outer edge is just where we staple the canvas to the back of the frame. We cover this strip and the staples with felt, attach a couple of screw eyes, wire it for hanging... and wah-lah! Over-sized joy!)

I am soooo excited!

It always takes me way longer to get around to ordering and retouching my own stuff,
but I always love having them done! I can't wait to get them back, wrap them, and hang them up!

I will take a photo of the finished project once it is up on my wall this weekend!