Sunday, February 10, 2008


No... you are NOT seeing things. And rest assured, you are probably interpreting correctly... That's right! There is a BUN in OUR OVEN! (We know... we can't believe it either!)

But now that we've had a couple of weeks (Sorry, we've been holding out on you!) to get past the initial shock, denial and utter disbelief, we are excited to announce the addition of Baby #4 to our Family, sometime in the middle of October. (Note: The 'time' on the photo of the Oven, above, is the current estimate for the Due Date, although it will still be confirmed by an Ultrasound in March. We will keep you posted!)

And just for anyone who may wonder if this was "planned", let us refer you to Exhibit A:
Daynen McKay Staker, currently 9 Months old
(who, by our best guess-timation, will be
AT MOST 18 Months old when the new baby arrives). That's right! Remember? We still HAVE a baby! (Matt is still freaking out about the whole "Two in Diapers" thing... ) And I promise, we are NOT suicidal... so in short, NO! This was certainly not "planned". It is a bigger surprise to us than it is to you! :)

I might also remind anyone who has forgotten, that it took us 4 years to have our first baby (Kaden, now 7 1/2), another 3 years to have our second (Trevan, now 4 1/2) and nearly another 4 years to finally have Daynen (who, did I mention is just 9 months old?! Aye carumba! 9 months!)

Yes, it is a little (okay, a LOT!) faster than we'd thought, but we really are so excited and are feeling very blessed. You can not convince me that it is not our own little miracle... there is just no other explanation... (you'll have to trust us on that one)!

The boys, of course, immediately began asking/praying for a sister, but we told them we will just be happy to have a healthy baby that we didn't have to wait so long for. They've decided they'll take another wrestling partner if it turns out to be another brother!

And to set your minds at ease, we have even more good news... my first set of my Prenatal Labs, including the initial blood draws, have come back and look great! My baseline Progesterone level, is higher than it has ever been (even when I was taking an oral dose of Prometrium everyday)! My midwife feels optimistic that I was able to get pregnant, for the first time, without any form of infertility treatment, and that everything appears to be healthy thus far. It is strange for me that after over 11 years of marriage, charting cycle after cycle, and taking as many as 7 different prescriptions at a time, I do not appear to need any medical intervention or supplmentation to sustain this pregnancy! We feel truly blessed and hope that prayers will be all we need this time!