Friday, February 12, 2010

Undisputed Champion of the World...

Ummm... yeah...
So as you can see, the Physical Therapy Appointment this morning went well...

Coming home...

I type with one hand while I hold him...
as he helps every so often from my lap.
There that was from him.
We just wanted to share more amazing news!
We are going home today!
They see no reason to keep him!
When they discharged us from PICU to NTU yesterday,
there was talk of sending us home.
But they wanted to watch his pneumonia one more night
and so we stayed.
He slept on my chest all night, wanting his mommy.
Forgiveness is sweet.
We are heading to an Physical and Occupational Therapy Session this morning
at the hospital's Rehabilitation Gym.
Then we will say good-bye to beloved friends,
pack up the zoo of assorted new bedtime pals and come home with out little miracle.
Just wanted you to know what your prayers have done.
Words are utterly useless.
None sufficient to express relief and gratitude of this magnitude.
But thank you.