Thursday, March 13, 2008

Girl's Getaway...

I had such a good time at our Girl's Getaway in St. George last weekend, I had to post a few pics!
(Although I promised not to share any of the incriminating ones!)
There were 8 of my dearest Lady-Friends who went down and we had a blast!

My favorite activity was our luxurious morning of pure indulgence at Red Mountain's Sagestone Spa.

I had a Warmstone Massage (always my fave!) and it was absolute heaven!

We shopped WAY too much (which I didn't even think was POSSIBLE!), the favorites being St. George's fabulous TJ Max & More and Tai Pan Trading (of course!).
I really think we bought at least HALF of the store!

Cheryl felt she'd had enough shopping by the end of the second HOUR, gave up and pulled out Jane Eyre, which she started and FINISHED by the time we finally corralled Jodi and got her out of the store! (Okay, maybe not QUITE finished...)

Friday night was our fabulous "Girl's Night In"... I reserved the Clubhouse at our Condo where we had a round of good old fashioned "Girl-Talk" while we hot-tubbed and then cozied up in our jammies for a Chic-Flic in the awesome Theater.

We had a great Dinner Saturday Night to end things off before the first batch of ladies had to head out for home.

Cheryl showed off her AMAZING tongue-tying talent by literally tying the cherry stem in a knot! Wow! Who knew we were in the presence of such... genius!

We shared dessert, which Kimberly graciously finished off... with a straw!

We even managed to embarrass the snot out of Allison in honor of her Birthday!

And, wow! I don't think I've been part of a Birthday Spanking Tunnel since I was... 5 maybe?!

All in all, it was a fun, exhausting and totally great time...
Thanks, Ladies for taking the time and effort to make it happen!

For more photos from our fabulous Girl's Getaway, lookie here:

Happy Little Heartbeat!

Okay, I am REALLY behind on my blogging and the rest of my life in general (crazy, busy week!), but this was one thing I wanted to get right up... We had an ultrasound yesterday and got our first peek at our new little one! I know it doesn't look like much yet (a little blob?), but to me it looks like a miracle!

According to the measurements, I am a week an a half further along than they'd originally estimated... BO-NUS! So the new due date is October 6. I still can't believe we are going to have a new baby so soon... lots to do, but I am getting so excited!

I am one of those crazy people who picks out names super early. (You all know me... I can't STAND not to plan ahead! Thankfully Matt humors me...) So we have agreed on Avari Mae for a girl or Bronson Micheal for a boy. (Feel free to comment...but just if it's nice!) Avari is my all-time favorite girl name. It means "sent from Heaven" and Mae is after my Grandma Cotton. We would call her Ava, which I just LOVE! However, to be totally honest, I have a feeling this is another boy, which I am absolutely okay with, especially because Daynen is so close in age. (Call me crazy, but I think it would be fun to have the two big boys and the two little boys.) Bronson means "Strength" or "Strong one" and Micheal is "One who is like God" and would be after Matt's incredible older brother, Mike, whom we all adore. People keep assuming I am hoping for a girl, which of course, I'm not going to lie, I would LOVE, but honestly, I really feel great about either one! It's just such a relief to see that happy, healthy little heartbeat, two tiny hands and little teeny feet all growing right on schedule... insert a sigh and a smile of contentment... :)