Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cutie Patooties...

Just had to show off a few faves from my current
Top-Secret Project...
Hint, Hint...
Make sure to e-mail your current address if you want one of Baby B's
"Ooh-so-darling-already-and-he's-not-even-born-yet" Birth Announcements!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Counting Down...

Hey, out there! Long time, no post, aye?
I guess I unintentionally took a little "Hiatus" from the blogging world!
We are still alive, here at the Staker household... counting down to our new little guy!
Just ONE WEEK to go!

This one is for you, Janey...
Thanks to you (and Martha Stewart, 8 years ago), for the cah-yewt photo idea! I hope we did it justice!
And thanks to Alli for patiently and spontaneously taking our photo this afternoon...
(Baby Bronson and I are tough customers!)
Well, I thought I'd better post SOMEthing because I am getting daily e-mails from concerned friends who wonder why I've dropped off the face of the planet...
(Thanks by the way! I love you all, too!)
So for the record, I am great... (We all are, actually!)
...Just in the midst of my "Nesting Craze"!
I do this every time... Hibernate a little to prepare myself for the upcoming arrival.
(More on that in a future post, I promise!)
Baby Bronson will be here before we know it... Still lots to do, but I am glad.
I have strategically kept myself ridiculously busy...
It keeps my mind off of being uncomfortable and prevents me from starting to feel anxious.
It may sound crazy, but I actually really enjoy this part!
I just keep reminding myself, "Easier in than out!".
I can still sleep (another advantage to staying busy... if I am exhausted, I never have trouble sleeping!), use both hands to do things and go out to run errands on a moment's notice without packing a diaper bag!

So, sadly... I am just being REALLY selfish with my time!

(BUT I am feeling so productive!)
Just wait til you see what I've gotten done around here! LOTS of back-burner projects...
(You know, the ones I have been trying to get to forever!)
Don't worry though, I will definitely update everyone on what we've been up to...
I have taken a bi-jillion photos, of course!
Sufficeth to say, that mostly, we are just busy living "life" and enjoying all of our boys activities... (Such a fun, fun time! I wish I could just freeze our family right where we are!
I truly LOVE the stages each of our boys are in... They are just so much fun!)
Although, admittedly, it has just not left me with a whole lot of blogging-time!
BUT I decided I'd rather be busy "living" life with my family and friends,
rather than just sitting around "blogging" about it!
(I figure I can always catch it up later... before I print our blurb-book!)
So stay tuned...
One of these days (when I am sitting down long enough),
I will fill in the holes and then publish/post like 2 months worth of stuff! :)

Life is good~