Monday, July 14, 2008

Trevan's perfect Paper-Airplane Fleet...

As we were picking up this morning,
I came across a bunch of paper airplanes, all in varying sizes,
scattered across the Craft Room floor.
I told Trevan to throw them away.
He assured me they were not "trash" , but his "fleet" of folded airplanes.
I told him to go put them away, then, in his own room somewhere.
Shortly thereafter, I came across this sight, and just had to chuckle...
(For the record, I did not touch or move anything before I took these photos.)
Oh, he is soooo my son!
From the time he was tiny, he has had to have things neat and tidy
and loves to arrange things by size or sort them by color.
He often asks me, "Is this perfect, Mom?"
after making his bed, finishing a project or combing his hair.
(Of course, I always answer with an enthusiastic, "Yes!"
And amazingly, it usually is! He is just barely 5, remember!)
It makes me smile every time to see his big grin, just bursting with pride and accomplishment.
Ironic that I am posting this right after the prior expose below, regarding my own "OCD"...
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!