Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ultimate Backyard Throw-Down...

All I can say is...
It's AMAZING no one broke an arm!



. .

Wrestling by: Kaden, Trevan, CJ, Parker, & Cam

Itza Pizza Par-tay...

What could be more FUN to a bunch of growing, hungry BOYS?



(Left to Right): Trevan, Cam, CJ, Parker & Kaden

Happy Birthday, Daphne!

We took our "Latin-Hearted" Daph out for her Birthday Lunch a few days early
and tried out this tasty new little authentic Mexican Restaurant,

Las Tarascas...
(which just won an award for best in state... Wow!)

Back Row (Left to Right): Me, Suz, Gina, Jen, Caryn Front Row (Left to Right): Caycie, Daphne, Jane (and little Crew in front!)


I can't remember what I ordered, but it was so pretty...


... and Yummy!

Happy Birthday, Daph... Hope it was the wonderful day that you deserve!
You are truly one of my favorite, most admired people... like sunshine in a bottle!

Love you, Girl!

Unwelcome Shower Guest...

So I am getting out of the Shower this morning...
I've just washed my hair.
I reach for the hand-held Shower-head
(You know, to rinse all the bubbles down the drain.)
Something moves...
Not just anything, but something ALIVE!
I jump a million miles into the air and grab for a towel...
My heart is racing... POUNDING!
I can not see the "something", it is covered in bubbles.
"A Cricket?", I think.
(We feed them to Spike, the pet Lizard.)
But they are tiny... 1/4" at biggest.
I insist that the boys are careful, but one must have gotten loose.
Someone is DEAD MEAT!
This one seems BIG... Has it been loose for long? Living and growing?
I shudder at the thought...
I douse it... (literally DOUSE it!) with water, thinking I will wash it down the drain.
It scuttles across the floor... I am mortified!
It's not a cricket... it would have hopped, or wobbled if it was wet.
Matt's not home...
The boys are at school...
It's just me and the biggest EARWIG I have ever seen.
No one is going to believe me.
What to do?
In a moment of utter insanity, I RUN, dripping...
Downstairs in the Kitchen, clad only in my towel,
I grab a Rubbermaid and a Butter Knife.
(I know... I admitted... it was insanity...)
"They HAVE to see this!"
Back in the shower, I locate the earwig in the corner.
It is almost the same color as our tile.
I am NOT getting closer. No way!
Again, I try to rinse it to the drain.
Instead it scurries UP the shower wall.
I can not believe it's strength as it clings there, despite the dousing.
I concede.
I place the Rubbermaid on the wall between me and the earwig.
I use the Butter Knife and all the courage I can muster
and flick it into the container, shaking, as I hurriedly seal the lid.
I breathe for the first time in minutes...
Matt and the boys will be so proud!
I step out into the better-light of the Bathroom to get a better look.
I look through the clear lid and realize what I have...
That's NO earwig!

I have a freakin' Scorpion!
That's right! A SCORPION!!
I call Matt.
He's doubtful... (told you...)
"Are you sure?"
"Pinchers, curly tail, beady eyes... YES! It's a scorpion!"

So many questions...

Where did it come from?
Do they live around here?
How did it get in our UPSTAIRS Master Shower?
How long has it been in our house?
How BIG is it?

(I had to talk myself into taking the little guy down into the studio for a little one-on-one Photo Session... ICK!I took these photos with the penny to give you an idea of scale)


Maybe 2 inches?

(Which, if you've seen the new Indiana Jones Movie, you know, is bad news!

Apparently, according to Indie, the smaller the Scorpion is, the deadlier it's sting.
It's venom is more concentrated and thus more potent...)
(By the way, I will accept your sentiments about how narrowly I escaped death
in the comments section of this post!)
Soooo... If it's a BABY, does it have a MOTHER?
Then is there a nest, or eggs, or... are there MORE?
I can' t even think of it...
I am in a rush to get to Lunch with some friends.
No one will believe me!
(It's not like we live in Texas, afterall...)
I toss the Rubbermaid in my Purse.
Oh, they'll believe me... with their own eyes!

(Thanks, Janey, for this Fab Photo from Lunch!)

Now just wait until the boys get home!

They'll be so excited!


What was I thinking?

I am the mother of... BOYS, after all?.

Little did I realize we'd be keeping it... as a pet.
He now lives here indefinitely.
('Til death do us part...)
In a clear Bug-catching Jar with a magnifier lid
so that all the neighbor kids can get a good view...


In the GARAGE!