Saturday, March 15, 2008

My poor little Dayne is a sicky... soooo sicky. Sickest he's ever been. (Just a really bad cold, he's not dying, just sooo miserable!)

I thought about taking a photo, but it really is too pathetic. His beautiful, bright brown eyes are droopy and bleary... His nose runs unstoppably and is raw, despite my gentlest attempts at wiping... His face and cheeks are red and chapped from the constant smear of snot he wipes every which way in frustration... He has no energy, but can't sleep, or even eat for that matter... His wet, hacky cough and miserable little wimper echo throughout his restless non-sleep... poor kid! It's breaking my heart!
The worst part is, I feel so helpless! I am sure there is very good reason for having recently banned all the infant cold medication, but it was a cruel, cruel thing to have not replaced it with anything remotely helpful. I called the Pediatrician's Office yesterday (after his poor cheek was CRUSTED to the sheet in his crib... literally!) and asked what I could safely give him. Tylenol (not helpful) and Benadryl (as in, just the plain allergy type-antihistamine). They reiterated the absolute importance of not giving any type of cough suppressant or expectorant, or any cold medication with a nasal decongestant or antihistamine to any child under age 2. SO what do I do with my miserable 11 month old? Said we'd just have to "wait it out". In the meantime, they "helpfully" suggested hot baths/showers, a humidifier (both of which we were already using, pretty much ineffectively), and saline nasal drops... fun. Do these people have children?