Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the Spotlight...

Our boys were featured in the Primary Spotlight section
of our ward's January Newsletter.
The write ups are so darling, I just had to share...
Our Primary Secretary is amazing!
(Thanks, Susan!)
Their interviews were a crack-up!
No shortage of personality in our house!
{Hee hee!}
But I do get a kick out of hearing their perspective on things
and I love to hear their budding testimonies...
So... Here's for posterity!
Ten year old Kaden Staker likes "The Hunger Games" series
because "the idea is so cool!"
He also likes the writing with it's twists and turns at every chapter.
Kaden would like to either be a computer animator or a football player.
He loves steak...
Closely followed by spaghetti, orange chicken, quesadillas and french toast.
"I Love to See the Temple" is his favorite Primary song.
The humble and brave missionary Ammon is his hero.
He admires the way Ammon "served King Lamoni
and taught him that Heavenly Father was real."
He also thinks that it is "pretty cool that he cut off all the bad guys arms."
As for a mission, Kaden has narrowed his choices to either New York or Nevada...
New York because "there are lots of non-Mormons there to teach
and lots of cool things to see."
Nevada because "Las Vegas is there... and it needs help!"

Ribs, Fajitas, steak, chicken nuggets, pizza, spaghetti, tacos & hot dogs
are all Trevan Staker's favorite foods.
As a future Fire Fighter he'll need all that protein to help repair his worn out muscles.
He wants to be a Fire Fighter so he can "save people and drive a big truck with lights...
and go really fast!"
Trevan likes to read "The Lemonade Wars" by Jacqueline Davies.
He also likes to read "I Love You Stinky Face" because it is his family's favorite.
Before he heads off to firefighter training, Trevan would like to serve a mission to New York.
He thinks New york is "awesome and there are so many people he could teach!"
Trevan's first scripture hero is Jesus-- "because he sacrificed His life for all of us."
He also admires Alma "for the way he changed his life after he saw the angel"
and "because he was an awesome missionary after that!"
"I Love You, Stinky Face" is also Daynen Staker's favorite book.
It's a good day when you get ot read your favorite book
and have "Macky Cheese" and "Chicky Nuggies" for lunch.
When Daynen grows up, he wants to be like his oldest brother, Kaden
and have big muscles like his daddy.
Daynen can't limit his favorite Primary Song to just one.
Currently, he has 3 favorites:
"I am a Child of God", "I Love to See the Temple"
and of course that old Primary hit
"You've Got a Friend in Me."
Daynen says he'd like to serve a mission in Disneyland with his green back pack
and quickly added, "Don't forget my green backpack, Mom!"
One day, Daynen's mom asked him to name his favorite scripture hero.
The conversation went something like this:
Mom: Daynen, who is your favorite scripture hero?
Dayne: Buzz Lipe-year! And Woody!
Mom: No, sweetie... Those are toys. Who is your hero from real life?
Dayne: Ummmm.... Justin Beiber!
Mom (and brothers, all laughing hysterically): No! Your scripture hero, Silly!
Dayne: Ummmmm... Spiderman!
Mom: No! He's not in real life or n the scriptures!
Dayne: Spiderman is too in real life! And he should be in the scriptures!
(Guess we'll keep working on that! Ha!)
"Kwinko, Kwinko Yiddo Staw" is wee Bronson's favorite Primary song.
Bronson's barely 2, but he already knows he wants to be a dad when he grows up.
He thinks chocolate milk, chips and ice cream are yummy in his tummy.
His favorite books are "I Love You, Stinky Face"
and "Good Boy, Fergus."
He says he likes it "cuz I knows all da words."
Bronson's scripture hero is his friend Jesus.
When asked where he wants to go on his mission,
he replied, "To infiniddy and beyond" Just like Buzz "Lipe"-year!
Way to go, Boys!
We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank you, Mr. Lightyear...

To say Bronson is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear might be an understatement.
If he didn't have a mother, he would watch Toy Story 1, 2 & 3 on a repetitive loop.
But Buzz is special...
Maybe because they've both been to "Infinity and Beyond",
I dunno.
He was, hands-down, B's favorite birthday gift.
He's his bedtime buddy. His playtime pal.
And no one.
I repeat
NO one
Well, in all the loving,
Buzz's back panel has popped off.
It is somewhere in the Play Loft and is yet to be found and replaced.
Which leaves him with a bum wing that occasionally swivels loose and ends up dangling.
This is unacceptable.
In. Every. Way.
Bronson becomes hysterical.
Nearly unconsolable.
He cries so hard sometimes he has actually passed out.
Needless to say, we try to fix Buzz quickly.
Well, this morning on my morning rounds,
Buzz was having... issues.
And our poor Little B was not a happy guy.
He did not sleep well last night, so he was a bit... unreasonable.
Quite so, actually.
But I handled it well, if I do say so myself.
Patiently, I took Buzz and quickly fixed the wing.
Easily popping it back into place.
Each time quietly showing Bronson how to do it himself.
Quietly reminding him to play a bit more gently.
To be a bit more careful.
And each time I hugged and kissed and rocked that sad, sad little boy back to happy.
Reminding him to breathe.
Stroking his head and cheek,
and eventually patting him gently on the bottom and sending him back off to play.
This went on for an hour.
I fixed Buzz a couple dozen times.
But each time Bronson broke him,
he was equally as hysterical.
Equally as quick to run him straight over, right to me.
And equally anxious for me to fix him.
I seriously began to consider just replacing him!
If Bronson hadn't eventually worn himself out in this process,
I might have actually given in...
The wiser "big-picture" side of me
had to talk the "helicopter-mom" side of me
out of running straight to Toys-R-Us for a new Buzz.
Several times.
At that point, it seemed a reasonable, if not necessary solution.
But Bronson finally curled up on his beloved Puppy Pillow and drifted off to sleep,
broken Buzz and all.
And then the lesson sunk in.
How many times have I done this?
Made the same choice, over and over expecting a different result?
Hoping I could haphazardly use the same carelessness
and not experience the same heartache?
And how many times have I run, broken wing dangling,
right to my Father in Heaven,
desperate for Him to fix it...
yet again?
Wondering if He could?
If He would?
And yet always His constant, loving reply.
Unconditional patience.
Peace for my troubling soul.
He straightens the wing...
Then straightens the girl...
Then sends me back out on my way.
Oh, Buzz...
Dear sweet, Buzz...
Buzz Lightyear
Thanks for the lesson today.
What more do you have to teach me?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sparkling afternoon...

A very fine mist of snow has been gently falling since the wee hours this morning
and has continued silently into this afternoon.
It's so fine that you'd hardly even notice it
if it weren't for your windshield needing an occasional swipe.
It helped when the sun started to peek through a few hours ago,
because now it sparkles as it cascades down from Heaven.
And everything previously gray and dingy
has suddenly been covered with a fresh, sparkly clean coat.
You gotta hand this one to Mother Nature...
The effect is quite stunning, I must say.
(The pictures don't do it justice at all.)
Well, a little bit ago,
as we backed out of the garage on our way out for a couple errands,
Dayne looked out the window and gasped, "Oh, my!"
I chuckled because it sounded so funny and so old-fashioned...
not one of his normal expressions...
"What?", I asked.
"The sky is glittering!", he said.
"Ha!", I laughed out loud.
It really did look exactly like glitter!
I looked back at him,
watching intently out the window as we pulled down the street
and smiled to myself,
so thankful for this little boy...
his enthusiasm,
his happy, pleasant, optismistic nature
and his utter and absolute zest for life and all things in it.
Just then he whispered,
"And it is so bea-U-tee-full, Mom!"
Yes, Daynen... It is beautiful.
LIFE is beautiful!
And I am so blessed to see it through your eyes!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Only for Jane...

Only for our dear and beloved friend, Jane...
could I talk my husband into basically abandoning our beloved boys for over half a day...
ignoring the freshly powder-laden mountain, softly beckoning...
braving the snowy roads...
and driving "all the way" up to Salt Lake for a Movie Marathon,
not to mention "strange" exotic food and entertainment.
Trust me...
My man had to be well-bribed!
(Sitting through TWO movies in a day
and the uncertainty of dinner at a new, somewhat questionable-sounding restaurant
is NOT his forte!
He'd much rather have chosen an afternoon of skiing!)
But alas, he let me win this one...
And off we went.
While everyone else in our group saw "The Tourist",
(which we saw and I LOVED a few weeks ago)
we opted to meet Danny and Angi for "Country Strong"
which I thought was great, and Matt thought was... well, grueling.
In my defense I make 4 points.
First, I do love Gwyneth.
I just do.
Second, she made me want to be a Kelly Canter fan.
She was darling.
How could you not love her rockin' those leather jeans in this scene
with that eat-him-up cute little Travis?
Third, I found myself, against my better judgement, really wanting
her to pull her mess-of-a-life together and get well...
(Which must mean she did a very believable job of being a mess in the first place, right?)
And lastly...
I am almost ashamed to admit how much I LOVED that gold dress from the Dallas Concert...
I could totally wear it at the kitchen sink doing dishes, right?
Or while I fold laundry?
I guess it is best that my life holds no event worthy of me ever wearing such a gown.
Temptation gone.
But on to dinner...
To try something different, Dusty chose Cedars of Lebanon,
which turned out to be a cozy little place with great ambiance,
fun, not-your-ordinary-everyday entertainment
Here are half of us...
Our party of 13 included the Blanchards, Us, Rhodes, Taylors, Birchalls,
Danny & Angi and Becky.
Who knew we'd be fans of Lebanese?
But yum!
It makes my mouth water and my tummy rumble just remembering it!
We will definitely make a return visit!
We also learned some very valuable life lessons...
Always wait to tip the belly-dancer until the music tempo slows...
And never accept an invitation to share a hookah
with the aging gentleman at the next table over.
(Seriously, Angi... what were you thinking?)
And lastly, that 35 can look amazing if you welcome it and accept it with grace.
So Happy Birthday, again, Janey!
We loved sharing it with you!
(And please forgive me for swiping these pics off your blog...)
Our evening concluded with full bellies,
grateful that only the birthday girl had to participate in the belly-dancing spectacle,
a darling birthday cake
(Way to go, Dusty!)
and then off to another movie.
The late show was this little number...
which I still can not ever remember the name of
and was surprised not to love.
I thought it was just... ok...
But interestingly enough, Matty actually liked it better than the first!
I guess we're keeping things even, at least!
So chalk up another super fun evening, friends.
Great company!
My belly still hurts from laughing so hard!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday afternoon was simply smashing...

I had a fun afternoon out with some of my favorite ladies...
It was Janey's Birthday Lunch.
She is a gorgeous, graceful 35...
And she does it oh so well, already!
She's just smashing! Simply smashing!
Which is fitting since she chose SmashBurger...
(Yes, the pun is shamefully intended...)
I'd never been...
But my Harvest Chicken Salad was de-lish!
And the company was even better!
Here are a few of us,
(Left to Right: Jane, Daph, McKenna, Suz, Shan, Caryn, Me, Summer, Becky)
courtesy of Jane's i-phone and her super-fun, oh-so-retro Shake-It Polaroid Ap,
(...which if you ask me, makes Jane and Summer look like oompa-loompas and me look like Raggedy Ann!
Hee hee!
Ah, well...
That's what I get for not packing my own camera, eh?)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How $17.99 may just save our sanity...

So they say, "Drastic times call for drastic measures."
Well, this drastic measure may have just saved our sanity...
Certainly, a good night's sleep...
(And quite possibly also our marriage!)
So I did it today!
Took our drastic measure...
I've been thinking about it for a week, but couldn't quite bring myself to do it.
But today I finally broke down and bought it.
A nice, plush 42"round... Puppy Pillow.
Why, you ask?
Are we getting a puppy for our puppy-crazed boys?
Oh, no!
(We're not THAT desperate!
They are still just begging for now...)
Oh, no.
You see...
The puppy bed is for my son.
My baby.
The boy we all love...
It is for Bronson.
My sweet 2 year old who has decided he is done taking naps.
The very same child who I am convinced sleeps less than any other toddler on the planet.
Now, to be clear, this Puppy Bed is not meant as any sort of statement, for heaven's sake.
It actually represents a very diplomatic compromise.
One that has been months in the making.
Bronson, you see, has been battling with us for quite some time
over what he apparently feels are unacceptable sleeping accommodations.
Namely his C-R-I-B...
Yes, that's right.
It is definitely a four letter word.
And we have outlawed it in our home
to prevent the inevitable melt downs that even its' mere mention induces...
And so, as the kind, loving, accommodating parents that we are,
we naturally offered him the alternative of double-bunking
in his brother Daynen's full-size bed.
This worked for several nights
and these two little peas in a pod were as snug as bugs in a rug...
Until Bronson rolled off in the middle of the night.
He wasn't hurt, thank goodness...
In fact he landed on pillows
that had been carefully placed on the floor
in case of just such an occurrence.
But it bruised his pride
and his confidence just enough
that another alternate site had to be located.
This time to big brother Kaden's side he went.
...Until he wore out his welcome.
And so the real battle began.
A turf war.
Waged on a king-sized mattress between two sheets, beneath our comforter.
It's not a new battle.
It's as ageless as the family itself.
Mommy and Daddy separated by the toddler,
who insists on sleeping horizontally in the middle.
If you have kids, you know...
No matter how many times you try to turn the little tike upright,
he always makes an "H" of us by morning.
And while Matt gets the warm, steamy breathing, half an inch from his face,
I always get the feet.
And usually to my head.
Or face.
Or both.
Now, let me stop here to say how very grateful I am for this arrangement.
It is certainly preferable to many, many other alternatives.
And believe me...
I am NOT complaining...
It's just that, well... it is a bit... tiring...
after many, many,
Let me also invite anyone out there who thinks they have a better idea,
or one that we haven't already tried...
consistently for several weeks...
to come right on over and sleep-train our toddler...
I assure you.
We are very aware that it has become a battle of will.
That we, quite obviously are losing.
I also assure you,
it is decisive, selective and adamantly expressed.
And there IS no other acceptable alternative location.
Trust us.
A couple of times we have joked that we should just change bedrooms.
Or go sleep in our spare bedroom after he falls asleep.
But no.
Instead, we have decided to embrace the opportunity.
Knowing it will eventually run it's course.
And that someday we will miss those wiggly little feet.
And that atrocious morning breath.
And the little boy they belong to.
And so we have conceded...
To something we would never have allowed from his brothers.
And been a crowded party of 3 for quite some time.
Recently, we have taken to making a little bed of pillows on the floor at the foot of our bed.
We even brought in a Bean-Bag from our Theatre...
But then he'd end up all sticky and sweaty (it's "pleather")
and all slumped over...
It didn't look comfy, at all.
But it did give me the idea.
"A giant pillow", I thought.
That could be stored under the end of our bed.
Out of sight, beneath the bedskirt, by day.
And loved, by all, at night.
Just an extension of our bed, really.
An annex.
But safely at floor's level.
And with room enough to spare for all of us...
I smile, yawn and stretch just thinking about it!
Surely, I am not the first to think of this,
but still, I felt proud of this brilliant solution.
And further more, I would make one, the crafty side of me decided.
But alas, the busy-mom-at-Christmas side of me has not quite gotten to it yet.
And then...
Then, I saw the Puppy Pillows at Costco.
For the very low price 0f $17.99.
I could not buy the fabric, let alone the stuffing for that!
But it was a DOG BED!
And this was my SON!
I just could not quite wrap my mind around that...
And it has been pure Puppy-Pillow LOVE all afternoon!
In fact, I only narrowly escaped Costco , without a matching set!
(Dayne wanted one for himself and I nearly had to buy two!)
It might also be the new favorite movie spot!
And aaaah!
I can feel a good night's rest coming on, already!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Humble Abundance"...

I am not making resolutions this year...
Not because I know I'll fail,
but because I want to succeed without their limitations.
Instead, I am adopting a theme for the year...
A guideline.
One adopted from the words of a new friend, spoken a few months ago.
She paid an unexpected compliment.
One that I hope to someday deserve.
She said, "When I come into your home I feel immediately "at home".
I feel embraced by the humble abundance you have created within it."
I'm not going to lie...
I was flattered.
And yet felt somewhat, if not completely, undeserving.
But her words have stuck with me.
I've thought so much about that phrase...
"Humble abundance."
And that is what I hope to acquire this year.
A feeling of cherishing and embracing that which is most dear...
And loving it like crazy.
Over the top.
All the way.
I am not going to pretend to try to simplify.
I'm no good at that.
I'm just not a simple girl, I guess.
I'm all or nothing.
I have big ideas.
And an excess of energy.
And unfortunately, I am tenacious (maybe even stubborn?) enough
to actually see them through.
I've come to realize I'll probably always be an overachiever.
Certainly a pleaser.
Always a giver.
It's my love language.
But I aspire to chose wisely where to spend myself...
Not to be stingy,
but to be thoughtful.
And balanced.
And to embrace and share the abundance all around me.
In every realm.
So cheers!
It's a New Year!
May your 2011 be as wonderful as the one we hope to create...
And may a "Humble Abundance" be yours.