Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Humble Abundance"...

I am not making resolutions this year...
Not because I know I'll fail,
but because I want to succeed without their limitations.
Instead, I am adopting a theme for the year...
A guideline.
One adopted from the words of a new friend, spoken a few months ago.
She paid an unexpected compliment.
One that I hope to someday deserve.
She said, "When I come into your home I feel immediately "at home".
I feel embraced by the humble abundance you have created within it."
I'm not going to lie...
I was flattered.
And yet felt somewhat, if not completely, undeserving.
But her words have stuck with me.
I've thought so much about that phrase...
"Humble abundance."
And that is what I hope to acquire this year.
A feeling of cherishing and embracing that which is most dear...
And loving it like crazy.
Over the top.
All the way.
I am not going to pretend to try to simplify.
I'm no good at that.
I'm just not a simple girl, I guess.
I'm all or nothing.
I have big ideas.
And an excess of energy.
And unfortunately, I am tenacious (maybe even stubborn?) enough
to actually see them through.
I've come to realize I'll probably always be an overachiever.
Certainly a pleaser.
Always a giver.
It's my love language.
But I aspire to chose wisely where to spend myself...
Not to be stingy,
but to be thoughtful.
And balanced.
And to embrace and share the abundance all around me.
In every realm.
So cheers!
It's a New Year!
May your 2011 be as wonderful as the one we hope to create...
And may a "Humble Abundance" be yours.