Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh, my dear friends~
I just got this e-mail and it caught my breath...
"Dear Sara...
Please help me by getting the word out about my sweet niece.
She was found not breathing and without a heartbeat this afternoon
and is fighting for her life at Primary Children's right now.
The outlook is grim but I know how your story ended
and I am looking for that same miracle...
so please add us to your prayer list for tonight!

Thank you...
I do not know Auntie Amy.
I do not know little Sage.
But I DO know something of the heartache her poor parents must be facing.
The anguish of not knowing.
The fear of possibilities you can not yet allow yourself to consider.
The helplessness. Heaviness. Dread.
The audacity of daring to hope and to pray for a miracle...
Please, oh please pray for sweet little Sage.
And pray for her family to be strengthened and sustained.
The details are still a bit unclear,
but you can read about it here, on her Auntie Amy's blog.


Kayla said...

Im just another person who has been following you on your blog. one of
my roommates found it and everynight we would read it and cry. and i
mean CRY! we fell in love with you and your family. you have taught me
something that my parents and church leaders have tried to drill in my
head for years. and thats to marry a worthy priesthood holder. When
you said how your husband gave cute little B a blessing and told that
part of the story it hit me like a bag of bricks. I will not raise a
family with out that power in my home as i get older and that day
comes. thanks for your sweet and loving words. you are such a great
mom and your kids are so blessed becasue of your choices. YOU ROCK!

Doodle On Yoo said...

Thank you for letting Bronson's fan club know of another angel in need of prayers! We will pray for her just as we did him. You are an amazing women! You continue to amaze me with your grace and willingness to have complete faith.

Carly said...

you are pretty much my idol. and i dont believe in the mother-of-the-year award. There is just no such thing.

I am pretty churchy but i hadn't prayed quite as intensely in a LONG time like I did for your little boy. I feel closer to god because of it.
I will definitely pray for little miss Sage.

Amy B. said...

Sara...words can't express how grateful I am for your 'shout out' in of now we still don't know too much... She is on full life support and her pulse is mediocre...I just left their house and their other 4 children and it was just plain AWFUL! How do you explain to them what's going on...oh the tears shed tonight...I am hoping for good news in the morning...they are doing two brain scans tonight and will know more by morning!

Auntie Amy

Matt and Brianna said...

Thank you for sharing this! We will pray our little hearts out for this angel as well!!!

MiNdY said...

Praying and have prayed for this sweet girl as well.
Sara, you are just amazing. Thank you for your countless blessing your are bestowing on SOOOO many! I loved your last post. And like everyone else will give a BIG AMEN! Thank you for your words of wisdom which not only have saved you "therapy" but Myself and im sure others as well! :)
I love what Kayla had said.... How many of us feel this way now!?! You both are so awesome. And Like I said before having the brothers and father I have had is such a blessing but for other men who will be in my life, watch out the expectations for it are incredible!
Love you bunches!

Tasha said...

Oh, the saddness. Thank you for sharing this.

Carlykins said...

I posted this on my Facebook, this just makes my heart curl up. A nightmare for any parent to face. I feel saddened at the fact that my daughter's dad has been trying to get sole custody for 21 months by proving me unstable, or trying I should say. In the meantime there are those out there that are holding onto every fiber of hope that their child will live from one moment to the next. All these virtual connections have slowed me down just a few steps from where I was at. I guess what I'm getting at is, just as you eloquently stated about our families getting the leftovers, that instead of their lives just passing by and then later regretting it cause the "insignificant " things took all our time and attention we can't ever get back; be more mindful about the time we are with those we love. Last night I was irritated that my daughter waited till the last minute to tell me about a project, I wanted to teach her a lesson of cause and effect by it not getting done, but I walked into her room to look for something and saw her sleeping and heard the primary songs, it touched my inner core to see such a vision of love wrapped up in my 9 yr old baby. I couldn't bare her waking up and the disappointment she would feel, then ironically enough I finished what I was doing and read your leftover post, was greatful id stopped and took the time.

Thank you for sharing such a personal part of yourself ,so that, we or I may be tought.

Hope it makes sense

Mel said...

Thank you for letting us know about sweet little Sage. I have added her story, along with yours, to my blog to help spread the word. We will all be praying for little Miss Sage and her family.

justy said...

I have been following your blog ever since I heard about it when your little guy was up at Primarys. I read it all and just bawled! I can't begin to imagine how you must have felt a few weeks ago! You are such an amazing woman and mother and I have leaned on your words for strength in my own life as a mother these past few weeks.

My boys have had many a trip to Primarys for one thing or another, some life threatening, and thankfully some not much. How thankful I am for such an amazing place to heal our children.

I truly believe that these children we've been entitled to take care of have something SOOO important to do in this life that Satan is trying any way he can to hurt them. It scares me to death to think what they will have to deal with as they continue to grow, but how thankful I am for the gospel, the Priesthood and our Heavenly Father to help us as mothers raise these precious spirits! My son just broke his leg, and overnight my life has changed dramatically (for the next few months at least). He has become like the infant he once was (only know he's a 47 pound infant!) needing help to do most everything now. I am so thankful it isn't something serious, and that he will heal and be good as knew. I thought of you as I was in the ER with my son, and how you must have felt not knowing what would happen to your son. I am so grateful that your son too, is as good as new.

I just wanted to say a quick note, to please continue this blog. As a mother, I can relate to your words and you've inspired me to be a better mother. Thank you for sharing your story with the world and having such great faith.

I know that with faith, all things are possible and our Heavenly Father will never leave us alone, even in our deepest, darkest despair. How greatful I am as a mother to have the gospel in my life and the support of our Heavenly Father and Saviour to help me raise my precious children.

Crystal said...

Gotcha!!! I'm also one of the "Bronson and Staker family" Fan Club members :) I've been following your updates and have just waited to respond when I had the time to say how I felt but there just isn't enough time or words. Thank you for the words that remind me to let go the anxiety of life and always have my boys in the forefront of my mind! As we have another little trooper that needs prayers from around the world I will keep her and her family in my prayers. Even though the comments have not been as great as they were when the world needed you to know we were here, I'm willing to bet that most are still watching and praying and giving thanks for the little things in their lives that mean so much more now! You truly are an inspiration by being so real! Thank you!

Katie said...

I just read the aunties update...Little Sage has been sent home to be with GOD, please keep her family in your prayers.