Monday, March 24, 2008

Guy's Trip to Gooseberry Mesa...

So Mr. Hollywood has moved in... Matt has been SERIOUSLY bitten by the photo-bug and we think he should consider starting a new career in Movie production! He came home from his day -and-a-half bike trip with over a HUNDRED photos (not bad, Honey!) and before he'd been home 3 hours, he had produced an awesome movie and burned it to DVD for all of his buddies.
I'd post it here, but the file is too big and I haven't figured out how to reduce it to fit...
(Click the link below to watch it on youtube.)

Here are a few of my fav-or-ite pics ...

WOOT-WOO! What a hottie!
What? Yes, I did say there were other guys who went, too. Oh... Did you want to see them, too? Alright, but they just aren't nearly as good-looking as my man... cuz HE is a MACHINE!)
But, okay... if you insist... here are a few shots of the other guys, too...
Cody, our awesome brother-in-law, showing off some MAD SKILLZ!

Troy "Bulldog" Blanchard...

And Kendrick "Endo", aka "Garbage Disposal"... :)

WOW! So who is this new guy and what has he done with my anti-photo husband?


(I don't know, but I think I'll keep the new guy! And maybe I'll add him to my Picture This... payroll! He's quite the photographer!)