Friday, March 14, 2008

Cheap, Cheep, Craft Idea...

So I made omelets for Dinner on Wednesday night (an attempt to keep the evening bout of "morning sickness" at bay by filling up on protein). I ended up with 8 empty eggshells... The boys were bored... homework and chores were done... Daddy wasn't home to wrestle and I didn't want to turn the TV on, so I thought, "Hmmm... what could we make with these?" A stroke of inspiration and a quick run upstairs to the Craft Room to gather a few "on-hand" art supplies and... Wah-lah!

Easter Chicks!

We rinsed the eggshells and glued in a pom-pom,

cut a little beak from construction paper

glued it on,

and glued on some goofy google eyes!

Simple as that! Kept the boys busy (and happy!) for about 20 minutes and the clean up was a breeze!

Kaden named his DJ (top: baby yellow one), Drake (left: big yellow), Slater (right: big green) and Jake (bottom: big orange).

Trevan named his: Lee (top left: funny eyes), VJ (top right: baby yellow), Josh (bottom left: big green) and Harry Potter (bottom right).

(Hmmm.... can you tell what shows my kids watch?)

The boys were so proud of themselves and couldn't wait to show Daddy when he got home! (I think HE was even impressed!)

Now, if I were REALLY creative, or had thought/planned ahead at all, I would have gotten a cute basket or egg crate or something to display them in, instead of plain old plastic bowls...

Wide Awake...

Since when did my beloved bed become the most uncomfortable place on the planet? Blech!

I have been up since 2... tossing and turning... (Poor Matt!) I've tried every position imaginable, but to no avail... my hip aches, my knee hurts, my shoulder is tweeked funny, my hand is asleep, my hair is brushing my cheek,... (For crying out loud!) ...the blankets are twisted (Heaven forbid!), my foot is hanging out, the heating pad (yes... I was desperate!) is too hot, no...wait, not hot enough...

Aye carumba! What the heck? I never have trouble sleeping... NEVER! Ask anyone! I can sleep anytime, anywhere in like 2.5 seconds... and through anything! It's one of my talents... I need very little sleep, but I sleep very deeply and very efficiently... usually. Yeah, well not TONIGHT!

Is this another pregnancy thing I haven't had to deal with before? HELP! What to do? I'm desperate... Suggestions welcome... Right now, I'm going to take a hot bath...