Monday, February 8, 2010

Close to my heart...

A few days ago, my dear friend, Jane, sent me a text from her anniversary trip to Maui.
"Our flight comes in tomorrow morning," she explained.
"We'd like to stop by the hospital and see you on the way home from the airport."
"We'll be here," I said.
"I'm not going home until I can take him with me."
The visit was a wonderful distraction from the mundane day.
They are wonderful friends.
She brought a gift, of course... She's Jane.
She's always great at giving gifts.
They are always perfect.
This one was no less.
She took my shoulders and looked me in the eye.
"I know you said you are not leaving the hospital without him," she said.
"But at some point you are going to have to...
You still have 3 other babies at home who need you."
"I got this so that whenever you are ready, whenever you have to go,
you can take him with you and keep him close to your heart."
Like I said, it's perfect.
I love, love, LOVE it.
I love, love, LOVE that girl.
I have not taken it off...


Stacie Fuller said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful friend to give a gift that has meaning and love at such a time. Our sweet kids and my husband and I fasted for you and your sweet boys and husband. Tears were shed and hope was born. A lesson taught and a life lesson learned. A bond is felt and yet we've never met. Strength has been passed through your incredible talent for brining words to life. Love is abundant. Social media has allowed one little sweet Bronson's story to reach thousands and that is where prayers are abundant and hope and faith are intertwined to want the most wonderful outcome for you and yours:) Daily the progress will be read to our children and hope that they will learn the tender mercies of our Father in Heaven. I alone have learned that strength transfers from one to paper to another. I pick up that strength and use it and in turn hope to pass it on to another. Thanks Sara for all that you have done through the hardest time in your life, service exudes you! Love Stacie Fuller

Rachal Perry said...

Stacie, you said it so beautifully.

And I agree.

It takes a true friend to be so forthright and honest, especially at times like this. But what a thought provoking that should make that journey a tad easier for you.

Your photo made me sad tho. Despite the love you held in your hand, you looked tired.

The one thing I've always marvelled at since becoming a mum is how strong we are, and how strong we can be when needed.

Bronson isn't the only one teaching us all a lesson of faith and strength. You are too Sara.

I wish that all of us who are following your challenge could miraculously appear by your side to help in person.

I kept my daughter from home school today. I had this urge just to have her here with me.... I won't win mother of the year again this year.......for giving permission to wag school...she's only 6 afterall.

But I sure felt better....8 )

Love again from Australia

Trent and Kimberly Ewing said...

Sara, I am the sister to Brady Wilkinson, Chay Frandsens husband. . . I have never read such an inspiring story. I have a 18 month old and wept reading your story. I got down on my knees and prayed for you and your family and also for myself to be a better mom. We will continuously pray for you and know that your Heavanly Father loves you and is watching over you.

Anonymous said...

HI Sara. I saw your blog address from Natalie Norton's twitter update. Natalie's own story has taught me a lot. And now yours, too! I have a son who will turn 8 months next week.

It was very thoughtful of your friend to give you that gift.

I just want to let you know my heart pours out to you right now. It's 1:30am in Hawaii! I will pray for you and your family every night.. pray that He will heal your precious baby, pray for your strength and courage and faith (and also Matt's), and pray for your little ones that they will cope up well, too.

With love,
Lois Sparks

King J's Queen said...

Praying for little Bronson and your whole family.

nikki said...

What a precious gift.
I've been following your story and our family is praying for Bronson and your family.
Love Nikki x

Sue said...

Beautiful. And perfect.

Carl Chappell said...

Sue and I have been reading your updates daily and find strength from what you say. We are praying each day for Bronson's health to fully return. You and Matt's faith and courage helps us to realize that we need to be more like you. I want you to know how helpful you have been to our faith in God and his matchless love for all of his children. Our thoughts, prayers, and faith are being united with yours.

Mom said...

In Relief Society on Sunday the RS presidency gave the lesson and our theme this year is talking about sisters that have passed on, those pioneers that had it so hard. They put up a picture of the sisters pushing and pulling the wagons and we talked about their strength. I always sit on the front row because I learn the most and am not so distracted and as I sat there looking at that picture I saw your face as one of the sisters pushing and pulling and working so hard to save Bronson's life. You are one of the choice ones, the one that will be known in the here after for working and helping so many in this life here on earth. Thank you for bringing a nation of sisters together with your incredible words of strength and
faith promoting story. All around the globe you have brought people to their knees and we all feel united together in sisterhood. Thank you, thank you. Aunt Linda

Tisha said...

I love Jane!! She is a true friend. Baby Steps for you too-you will have to leave at some point and it will be difficult, but it will pass. I know all too well. Those first steps away are agony~but are so necessary. Praying for you. Oh and I hate the bag!! Hate. Hate. I could never watch. Hate it. Hand in there. He is making it. Slowly but surely!! Yay.

Shannon said...

So beautiful! Just like Jane to be so thoughtful and giving. I love it sara! So perfect!

Today was quite the fast sunday! Look at how you are sharing the gospel with so many wonderful people. Your a MISSIONARY, Bronson is a MISSIONARY already!! I love this. You are changing so many peoples lives and it makes me smile.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Nanette hanks said...

You are by far the most talented writer I have ever seen. Your writings are beautiful and obviously have touched thousands (I am sure it will be millions before long). I live here in Lehi and now feel like I know you (you take my aunts family pictures The Widdisons)I am truly taken by your story and have my whole family including my husband following your blog. We all fasted for you, Bronson, your family and all the medical staff taking care of him and you yesterday and can tell by the story this morning that all of everyones prayers and fasting has been paying off. You are right he is the most prayed for little boy in the world and just know there is one more mom out there waking up in the middle of the night to check on him, it is just I am checking for blog updates cause that is all I can do! I wont tell you to stay strong because I know that is hard to do but I will say keep up the awesome work you are doing you are a wonderful Mother and as strong as your beautiful boy!

Kierstin said...

What a precious gift from a precious friend...Jane is wonderful. Big hugs to you Sara!!

stacy said...

what a special friend you have!

Ben and Natalie's Family Zoo said...

I was asked to sing the song, "I Believe in Christ" in Primary yesterday. As I was practicing it, the words in the first verse really hit me for little Bronson...

"I believe in Christ, He is God's Son
On Earth, to dwell, His Soul did come
He healed the sick, the dead He raised
Good works were His, His name be praised"

We know it, you know it, and thousands around the world that are fasting and praying for Bronson know it. All in His time, all in His time. Love you guys! Natalie and Ben and family

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

What a great friend you have! Is there an address that we can send get well cards to lil Bronson? My 6 year old daughter has been praying for him everynight and made him a card yesterday and ask me to mail it....I told her I couldn't because I didn't know the address..

Ryan,Erika and Kaylee Pettersson said...

My hearth breaks each time you post a picture of your sweet baby boy...I'm praying for you, him and your family. You are a good loving mom and a good exapmle of a faithfull saint to all. I hope B is gonna be feeling better and better as days go by and that you all will have a great week....

LoriH said...

Sara, Just another post to let you know that your family is still in our thoughts and prayers. My son, Rocco was so touched by this that he felt he needed to draw a picture for you and Bronson. I do not know how to get it to you other than I know Jean and Brad Nelson. I will give it to them. We are in their ward. Maybe they can get it to you sometime. We think of you all often and continue pray for blessings.

Jesicca said...

What a precious gift that she has given you! To have your little one by your heart at all times.

I read your mothers words above and have to tell you she is correct is saying that you are bringing sisters from all over the globe together! We are uniting on your behalf and your families behalf. This is what RS is all about. This is what the gospel is all about... pulling together for the good of all!

Letti said...

You do not know me but I feel as if I know you. I am so sorry to hear what your family is going through. You are in our prayers daily even hourly. I don't know what else to say except I am so glad that Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Anonymous said...

its perfect!

Vanessa Sutton said...

Sara, Our family fasted for you and your family yesterday. You have been in our prayers constantly. Thank you for your faith!

Nicole Guerra said...

What a great friend you have :) Its so hard to leave them behind at the hospital, My 3rd child (Zane now age 26 months) was in the ICN for 10 days after he was born and I had go home after day 5, it was so heart wrenching.....I cried the whole ride home. I do strongly believe that he had angels with him while I was gone, watching over, as I know Bronson does as well. Plus the nurses that care for these small children who are in so much need really are angels themselves and truely love what they do and love the children they care for........I was so grateful for my sons nurses :) Still praying for you all.

Nicole in CA

Bethany said...

So beautiful! And so very thoughtfull!

{jane} said...

awww, i love you!


Synergy Girl said...

I think it is so amazing that people can just know you...and know what you need with out you even knowing you need it...!! What a sweet friend you have!!

Hopie said...

I have a "Jane" in my life too!!! What would we do without them?