Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kaden's Perfect Day!

There are few days that actually qualify to be called "perfect"...
This was one of them for our family!
Kaden had a wonderful Baptism
surrounded by family and friends who love him
who came to show their love and support of his decision.
Here's a look at his darling invitations... I loved how they turned out!
He and his Daddy looked so handsome all dressed in white together!
The men who stood in the Priesthood Circle to help confirm him...
What an awesome group of incredible guys!
(Back Row: (Left to Right)- Dear Friend/Home Teacher Ross Schofield, Daddy Matt, Grandpa Joe Cotton, "Uncle Pete" Ron Kaas
Front Row: (Left to Right)- Kade's Idol Greg Schofield, Cousin Jeff Bench, Man of the Hour Kaden Staker, Grandpa Larry Staker, Cousin Kelly Kaas
Kaden with "honorary" big sister, Alli...
And favorite Babysitter, Cassie...

And here's a peek at my latest "little project"...
A couple of weeks ago, I was looking around for a Baptism Book for him.
I couldn't find one I "loved" anywhere, so I decided to make one for him.
An afternoon Photo Session and a couple of sleepless weeks later... wah-lah!



It has been so fun to do and I hope it will be a treasured keepsake from his momentous day!

I am so grateful for everyone who helped and offered input!
Thanks to all the Grandmas and Grandpas who took time to send their kind words and testimonies for Kaden. And thanks to my friends who shared their ideas... I knew what I "wanted" to do and had my outline, rough draft and most of the photos done, but it was nice to have input before I finalized my layout and designs! So a special thanks to Shannon Taylor and Gretchen Knell, both friends who's Baptism Books I borrowed, and Heather Gibb, a fellow-photographer (who collaborated on Gretchen's book), who I borrowed a couple "shot ideas" from at the last minute! They were the perfect finishing touch! Thanks, Ladies! I loved your creativity and it sure helped to inspire mine!
Thanks so much to everyone who came to share this special day with Kaden and our family...

We are so proud of you Kaden!
You are an incredible young man...
We love you and are so happy you made this great decision.
We loved sharing your "perfect" day with you!


Rachelle said...

The book you made is incredible. You are so very talented. I am glad the day was perfect as it should be! Sorry we could not be there.

Lynette said...

Sara, You are so amazing. the book is amazing. I think you should have it published and the moms or whoever can put their own pictures in of their kids.
Another thing I would love to give to my own grandkids.
Sorry I was not there either. I was in the air flying back from Denver when the big day was all happening.
Congratulations to Kaden!!
Love ya!

Jesicca said...

What a beautiful book/gift. It is one that all little ones should get when they are baptised. Kaden will cherish it for years to come. You are so inspiring.

Jenny said...

Wow Sara! You are so talented and creative! What a neat idea!

Mauri said...

Still love it! Too bad you didn't come up with this idea a year earlier. :) Love all your creativity and I still don't know where you get all your energy and time?! Do you have more hours in the day than the rest of us?

amy carpenter said...

My mom actually called me to make sure I saw the baptism book you made! We both absolutely love it!
I teach the 7 year olds in primary and I get to see each of them be baptized. I SO wish there were more moms like you who would make their baptism day a big deal and help them understand it.
Congrats to Kaden! He's such a handsome kid! And what an awesome example to all his little brothers.

Shannon said...


That is seriously the most amazing Book ever!! Your pictures are absolutely Gorgeous, i want to buy that book for me and just keep your gorgeous Family in it!!
You seriously AMAZE ME!!!

Congratulations Kaden, what a wonderful day you had!

Zeus said...

Hi sister Staker I love that you did a B is for baptism book! It looks really good!
Good job with getting baptized Kaden! I remember how special to me my baptism day was.
Kaden I love looking at my baptism book and remembering that special time in my life! I'm sure you will to.

Gretchen Knell said...

It turned out beautifully Sara. Let's face it... nothing you do would turn out less than perfect. You have that magic touch!
Glad you had a wonderful family day.

Danielle Christiansen said...

oh my gosh!! Your book is darling. You should market those as if your not busy enough.

jill allison said...

That book is amazing. I love the pencil, eraser, and "mistakes" page. What a great photo. All of them are great photos. That book is a treasure! Congrats Kaden on such a special time and special mom to make it so memorable!

Jessica said...

WOW WOW WOW, the book is INCREDIBLE! What an awesome keepsake for him in the future. Think about his wedding video.. he is going to have a million pictures to choose from (unlike most boys in the world. Can't believe you have one old enough to be baptised. Pretty neat, love the pictures, love looking at your blog.

courtney said...

That is so wonderful! What a great boy you have! I love the book! That is such a treasure!

Marianna said...

Congratulations Kaden!!! What a special day! Sara that book is so sweet! I know you spent HOURS working on that! Amazing!!!

MiNdY said...

You did so good with everything. I do also love the fact you made it so understandable because so many kids go into not knowing EXACTLY what is going on. The book is awesome!

Teresa said...

The book looks great, you are so creative. That's a great way to remember such a special day. Our congrats to Kaden.

themacmomma said...

What a fantastic book Sara!
Congrats to K!
What a special day!

GWACK said...

I love this. I'm friends with Mauri from growing up out here in CA. Would you mind if I used this idea in a PPT I could share at my daughter's baptism in August? Thank you and again, WOW!

Anonymous said...

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team wilson said...

I had read some others comments about how amazing this book was back when you were keeping us updated on your sweet Bronson and so I had to check it out and fell in LOVE! Not wanting to bombard you anymore, I wanted to wait for awhile to ask. You wouldn't by any chance be willing to sell the template for this, would you? It is truly a beautiful book! My little lady still has a year before she gets baptized, but this would just be so perfect! You can e-mail me at htacwilsonatqdotcom if you get a chance. I hope that your sweet family is doing well and hope you know that you have inspired me more than once. Thanks! ~Heidi Wilson

teamwilson said...

Hi there. Sorry! I'm the lady that has beem so hoping to get the template for this book and as I was giving up I saw that you already have it in stores! Thank you so much! This will be perfect!!!! I'm headed to Deseret Book today to get it!!! You are one talented woman!