Thursday, June 12, 2008

Movie Night SLEEP-over...

So the guys have been so excited all week...
Cousin Kaylob is sleeping over for 4 whole days!
(We picked him up today and get to keep him until Sunday.)
They've talked ALL day LONG about their fun Movie Night tonight.
Yeah... Here's the view of the Beanbag by the time I got back with the Popcorn...
Well, for a SLEEP-over, I guess we're off to a good start!
(And thanks again to "Blankets by Jane" for the cute, cozy covers... they're our FAVE!)


Jane said...

cute tired boys, I'm sure they wore themselves out playing hard all day!

cute blankets :)

Sara said...

Yes, and thanks again! We love love LOVE them!

Mauri said...

Too fun! They look so cute all curled up together. Those will be great pics for the future.

Mcbride Family said...

awww, so cute. I know I am dying, I hope time will just SLOW down for a while.

"The days are long, but the years FLY by!"

I know its gonna just sneak up on me, I'm trying to remember every precious moment.

aLySsA said...

So Fun! Youd think that those crazy boys would be up WAY longer than that! I know i would! I love having slumber parties with my buds too! Hope you guys had fun!

joey said...

This is exactly how our cousin sleep overs end up...and scrunched together. What great memories for them!

Danielle Christiansen said...

play hard..sleep hard right?
So I think I finally talked Scott into Crew last night. I am excited!
Oh and a Hent=ry's tag is a once in a lifetime hunt! near lake Powell. he is going right after the baby is born. That is the bad part.

Shannon said...

We Love Jane's Blankets too! SO FUN!
I see your cute friend at Riverside alot,(sachi's Mom) She is so darling!

I know what your talking about with your Acrobatic son... I feel like their are 2 babies in mine. This baby is more active than my multiple birth...Scary!
You look seriously so cute too!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

You mean they actually slept during their sleepover? Nice!

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