Monday, June 16, 2008

The Day-After "Dad's Day" Tribute...

So, do you ever have that day-after let-down
when you feel like you were so busy that the "Big Day" whizzed by in a whirl
and you missed part of it?
That's how I am feeling about our Father's Day...
Don't get me wrong...
We had a WONDERFUL day with all of our families,
but I feel like we were so busy getting ready for our big Father's Day Feast,
that we missed out a little on spoiling the most important guy of the day!
(Who, by the way, would NEVER complain, or feel let down...
I just feel like we cut him a little short amidst all the "hoopla"!)
So here's our attempt to make it up to him with a special
"Post-Dad's-Day Post":
(Ok, admittedly, I totally swiped this darling photo-idea off of my cute, creative friend Jane's blog... so don't hate me!)
Hi Dad~
I wanted to wish you a happy father's day. (I hope you liked our card. lol) I love when you take us on vacation to and other places! I loved what trevan wanted to name the baby- mr. skateboard man. I hope we can go to hawaii some time. I love that you're allwase willing to do stuff with us like go swimming and skiing with me! I love that you alwyse restle with me and pretend you have a pet snake and it attacks us! it's fun to play wii sports with you. (I was wondering if you or mom could help me sighn up to be a member an runescape plz? It only costs 5$ a month and I have 10$, so yeah. ) I love that you tickle my back evry night and you make sweetish pancakes evry sunday! I love how hard you work for uor family and you built a big house for us and earn money to take us to do fun things! I love that you're so funny. I love going dirtbiking with you, shooting the beebee gun and firing the rocket. I've olmost gotten a crossbow from cabelas so when we go in the mountans somethime we can use it. (Idk when I'm getting the crossbow I might get it for my birthday.) I'm exited that you're going to babtise me. I"m really lucky to have a dad that is wirthy! you've alwase ben a great Hero to me and I want to grow-up like you to be a good dad. I hope you had a fun father's day yesterday. Guess what I didnt have any help typing exept I forgot the second a in hawaii. that word is spelt weurd. I have to go now cuz mom says I have to make my bed and I don't want to type any more cuz yeah, it took a long time.
"Every Little Boy needs a Super-Hero"
(Kade & Daddy: Summer 2006)
Dear Daddy~
I love U. U R the best Daddy in the whole entire world. (Note from Mom: Okay, it took like 5 minutes to get that out because he typed that far all by himself, letter by letter... so I'm taking over from here while he dictates...) I like that you are so funny and throw me up in the water when we are swimming. It's so fun! I like when you be the troll when we are "wrest-uhl-ing" and chase us around and throw us on the bed when you "ketch" us. I am so lucky that I have such a nice dad. You always tickle my face when I am tired at church. And I like when you are my Coach in soccer and play "real-live" baseball games with me. Hmmm... What else should I write? Let me think about it for while while I get some Chocolate Milk... (Insert 20 minute break) Oh yeah... I liked it when you sprayed us with your water bottle when we were biking in the mountains at St. George. It was so funny (insert hysterical giggle) when you "pre-tunded" to toot on us when me and Kade were ridin' in the trailer behind you. (Insert 2 more minutes of memory-induced laughter.) I love to go riding on the blue motorcycle and I am glad that you fixed the broken parts on the green one so we can ride it, too. AND I love to go in the dirt thing where we rided our bikes by Zani's. And thank you for turning on the Waterhorse movie even though it was really, really hard. I liked that show a lot. He was so cute! And can we go surfing out on the Lake boat again sometime 'cuz that was super-fun! I want to grow big and strong like you, so I have to eat all my "vej-tuh-bles", huh? Cuz some day I am gonna be bigger than Kaden, right? Um... that's all I want to say "ug-cept"... uh, I love you, Dad, and Happy Father's Day!

"Coach Dad"
(Trev & Daddy: June 2008)
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
Since I'm too little to type you a letter, Mommy is writing all the things I would say, if I could! First of all, it is no wonder that my first word was "Uh-oh" (since I am the most curious and by far the most mischievous of your Little Monkeys so far), and my second word was "Dad". I just adore you! Mommy loves how I light up whenever you walk in the room and how I can't wait to see you each day when you return home from work. I am so lucky to have such a fun, wild house full of boys to grow up in... I can't wait to be big enough to really wrestle with you guys! I always want to be right in the middle of the action! I love when you tickle me and throw me into the air. It is so fun to be with you and play with you, no matter what we are doing. Thanks for always being so patient with me, even when I try to snatch your phone or the remote so I can push all the buttons... I am just like you... I love to figure out how things work! And even though I pull everything out of every cabinet and closet, it's just so I can see it all for myself... just like you! I feel safe whenever I am in your arms and daring and adventurous enough to try scary, new things for the first time. I am such a cheerful, friendly, happy little person and I love spending time together with you. Thanks for loving me like crazy and for being such a fun Dad!
"First Dip in the Ocean"
(Dayne & Daddy: Fall 2007)
I hope you know, by now, how very blessed I feel to have you in my life. You have truly made dreams I never even thought to dream come true. I am so lucky to be a part of the life we have built together and I often feel so unequal to it's greatness. You are a wonderful man, an incredible husband and a fabulous dad! We are so blessed that you are so capable (aka Matt-gyver) and so able to take care of us and those we love, in every way. I watch you with quiet pride and satisfaction as you gladly help our family members, friends and neighbors, even when I know it's not convenient. And I don't know how I got so lucky... you certainly do more than your fair share of things around the house! (Not many of my friends have husbands who often do dishes, laundry or even, heaven forbid, scrub toilets! Most of them don't even remember to lower the stinkin' seat!). And fitting, since it's Father's Day, that most of all, I love to watch you father our boys... it makes me love you over and over again! You are so good at teaching them the things that really matter, both in your words and deeds, but most importantly, by your example... to work hard, to have respect and gratitude, and to love and serve others... to enjoy life! They have so much confidence and trust in you. I love to see how intently they watch your instruction, hanging on every word. I melt when I watch them following your every move, doing their best to keep up, trying so hard to do things as good as you. And I can't help but smile whenever I hear you laughing and look up to see you playing with them, just a big kid yourself. I feel so very blessed for the happy and full life that we share, grateful for the values you are helping me to instill in these boys, and glad for the joy that no one else could bring to my heart.
I love you, forever & always~


"2008 Annual Father's Day Portrait"
(All My Handsome Men... woot-woo!)


Danielle Christiansen said...

cutest thing ever for you to do for your special guy. i hope it makes his day!

6 P's in a Pod said...

This tribute is well deserved. You are blessed to have him and he is blessed to have you. (Cheesy but true!)

Jesicca said...

What a beautiful tribute and such eloquent words. You have inspired me to do that same for my darling hubby.
It is darling that they each took the time to 'write' daddy a letter. I am sure he will treasure their words forever.

Lynette said...

Such a sweet tribute! I love all the pictures and the one with all the guys in ties is priceless.

Jessica said...

Well, if you felt any incling that you may not have celebrated fully... you've sure made up for it now! I loved the tribute. You have dang cute kids. So well groomed, might I add. By the way, I was laughing my head off at the comment you made on our blog about Obama. Still makes me smile just thinking about it. Thanks for always keeping in touch!!

Jane said...

{You can copy me anytime, girl!}

Matt, you are an awesome Daddy, Happy Day!

Joey & nettifer said...

that is so sweet and what a fun thing to do with for Matt! I will have to do that next year for Joey!

The Haley Family said...

sweet letters! My Matt treasures those self written letters from the boys too! I love the pictures!!

Amazing husbands are so special!

Sherry Ward said...

This is by far the SWEETEST Father's Day Post EVER!!!

joey said...

We had the same father's day! Totally spoiled everyone but our own wonderful dad and sweetie. Good for you for making it up!

Gretchen Knell said...

This totally made my day. Thanks for sharing.

Mcbride Family said...

That was so sweet. Made me tear up!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

These are the sweetest letters! What a great idea to record your boys' thoughts on their favorite guy. They (Matt too) will love reading these when they get older!

onceapickle said...

Just might be the sweetest post ever. Thumbs up to you (and Jane!)

Teresa said...

We are going boating Thursday night and we would love for you guys to join us. We go around 4:30pm just down to Utah Lake. I know Matt has Rob's cell so just let us know if that works!

Jenn Granum said...

Cute tribute to Matt. I had thought about having my boys write something to Geoff but just ran out of time - there's always next year! What a fun daddy he is. THe new baby is lucky to join your cute fam!