Thursday, May 29, 2008

Maybe to cover the cost of... Inflation?

So Kade burst through the door from school yesterday so excited to tell me
all about how he lost a tooth while wrestling at Recess. (Go figure...)
The whole Class was crawling around on the grass trying to help him find it
(I can only imagine...), and somehow they did!
He brought it home in this cool necklace shaped like a tooth.
He put it under his pillow last night (as usual)
and went to bed...
and lo and behold...

we were all surprised when he found $8 in it's place this morning!
Matt and I looked at each other... disgusted!
Neither of us got more than a quarter, at most!
His other teeth have been worth a few dollars each,
so why the sudden increase?
The rising cost of fuel?
It is an awfully cute smile... but $8?
Maybe the Tooth Fairy was confused... or made the rounds twice... hmmm...

Well, whatever the story... Kade felt like one LUCKY kid!

He even got to keep the necklace!


Jane said...

cute! generous tooth fairies!

Joey & nettifer said...

wow i wish I got that much from the tooth fairy!

aLySsA said...

Next time I lose a tooth Im sleeping at YOUR house! ;)

The Haley Family said...

we need your tooth fairy to come to our house. Drew just lost tooth #4 and received a $2 bill.

Jesicca said...

I am with you... inflation!

Our tooth fairy is extremely generous too and we have received a few phone calls from other parents asking about the $11 per tooth and a gold coin... NICE TOOTH FAIRY, REAL NICE.

onceapickle said...

You must have a REALLY nice tooth fairy. Our's seems to be quite forgetful. Maybe we can trade ours in for yours!