Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indeed... it has come to this...

My children are eating Hot Dogs for Dinner...
Yes... you heard that right... HOT DOGS!
Kade even loaded up "duel-ies".
2... yes, TWO... and he'd have had 3 if I'd let him!

To understand the true magnitude of this moment
you must first understand my true and utter disdain for Hot Dogs...
Weiners, Franks, Hot "Dogs"...
people should not consume things with these names!
I have not eaten one since the 8th grade
when Dwayne Aragon told me what was in them
after having worked at a slaughter house over the summer.
Admittedly, I did have a momentary lapse of insanity
(I was pregnant with Kade, what can I say?)
when I thought I absolutely had to have one
because the aroma from that little kiosk was seducing me...
But, alas, I did not actually EAT it...
I gagged it out before I actually swallowed the first bite!
(Poor Matt ate the rest,
shaking his head the entire time
at the fickle appetite of pregnancy...)
Perhaps only my parents will remember my history with Hot Dogs...
How I swore I would never feed them to my own children...
How I would never corrupt their perfect, pure little bodies
with such a vile, disgusting excuse for food,
just for the sake of ease, convenience and filling up their tummies.

Oh, no... not MY children! NEVER!
And yet somehow... somehow, we have arrived!


In my defense, Matt bought them... (I guess they were on "Sale"!)

and the boys do LOVE them... (and probably love teasing me about them just as much!)


...and hey, I ate TOAST for Dinner!


Jane said...

great post, but I must admit, I love a delicious hot dog...especially at a baseball game! :)

Joey & nettifer said...

you are killing me. I had to laugh at this post! I hate hot dogs too!

The Haley Family said...

I craved hot dogs with one of my pregnancies...I can't remember which one. My boys eat them raw too...YUCK!!

Jessica said...

Laughing my head off!

Jesicca said...

Girl, I am with you! HATE HATE HATE hotdogs, always have. I can choke one down once a year, 4th of July time.
They are sick, they are a waste!
I am sure your kids were in heaven. Great post.

Britney said...

My kids love hot dogs, and admittedly so do I on occasion! I just have to pretend I don't know what's in them! :)

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

I hate to admit that I like a good dog about once a year. I just refuse to think about what's in them!

meg said...

I used to hate hot dogs as well, but have grown to love them...well, once in a great while! :)

Sabra said...

I won't eat them either. I think they are NASTY!!! I am still laughing.

jill allison said...

great story Sara. I really have to be in the mood, however, embarassingly enough, when I am pregnant, I can not get enough chili cheese dogs from sick is that!! Thanks for the giggles.

Shannon said...

When Pregnat, i have to admit, i will pound a Hot Dog occassionaly at BBQ's or Costco. It's weird what the Body does to you!

Btw...Your tooth fairy ROCKS!! haha

onceapickle said...

You are cracking me up! What a fun post. I too despise hot dogs and don't buy them for my kids...unless we are going camping. For some reason if they are cooked over a camp fire they seem less revolting. Go figure.