Monday, May 26, 2008

The conversation went something like this...

T: (Looking concerned) WOW... Mommy, you're getting lots of stripes!
Me: Stripes? What do you mean? Where?
T: Look... here... and here...
He gently reached up and touched the outside corners of my eyes and then my forehead...
Me: OH! (Chuckling) Do you mean wrinkles?


T: Yeah... wrinkles!


Me: Yep, I am getting old!


T: Yeah... Really old! AND they're on your lips... do you need "Shap-shtick"?
(Trevan-ism for Chapstick.)


Me: Maybe... do you think so?

T: I'll go get it...
(He returned a moment later "Shap-shtick" in hand...)
Don't worry Mom...
Even though you're old, you're still beautiful!


Me: (Smiling and giving him a little hug) Thanks, Trev... I think!


Well, at least I can always count on him to give an honest opinion!


And thanks to Jane for this FAB photo of me at Lunch the other day...

(I stole it off her blog and tweaked it a bit...)
It just per-fectly illustrates this little incident by clearly showing off all of my "stripes" !


Mcbride Family said...

Well I must say, you are gorgeous...and that is the truth. I can't believe your face is so skinny while your pregnant. Do you retain water AT ALL??? Gosh!

Danielle Christiansen said...

that is so funny. Something similar happened to me once. Right after I had my ACL reconstructed, MaKayla asked what that big long line was. I told her it was a scar. She said " Oh, so are those scars all over your face?" Yep! She was talking about my wrinkles. Reality check----I'M getting old.

Mauri said...

Leave it to our kids to point out all our blessed aging spots. Some times I could take a little less honesty when it comes to this. :)

Jane said...

I like your stripes, Zebra chicky!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Stripes? Your boys come up with the most funny little phrases! Besides, stripes give us character!

meg said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Sometimes those kids not so nice comments just keep coming, I really have to hold on to those nice comments that are few and far between!