Monday, April 14, 2008

What a Bea-U-ti-ful Day for the Birthday Boy!

I can not believe that our sweet baby boy is one! ONE! Already! So crazy that it has gone so fast!

We woke him up this morning singing Happy Birthday, which he thought was sooo great!


And then my big boys heard the "word on the street"...

that our neighbors were opening their pool today... you would have thought it was CHRISTMAS! I've never seen them do chores so fast!


We went over and swam for a few hours, which Dayne totally loved!

. One of his fave things to do...

.So perfect for his "special day"!


Our neighbor Dad, Cy, showed up with a bag full of Cheeseburgers for a "picnic".

(Thanks again, Cy!)

.It was Dayne's first one ever and I let him feed himself... a rarity he enjoys!


As you can see, he couldn't get it all in fast enough!


Who knew Mickey D's could make such a mess...


and taste so good!


What a fun afternoon for us!



Write On! said...

Sara--Looks like a summer day over there! What wonderful memories you are making with your boys. I enjoyed catching up on your blog tonight! --CARRIE

Mauri said...

Very fun! I'm jealous.

The Haley Family said...

HOLY SHMOLY!!! I need to come to your neighborhood!! SHEESH! Looks like Daynen had a fabulous 1st birthday. You are a great mom!!

Bennetts said...

The camera loves Daynen! What a cutie pie. Looks like a fun time was had by all swimming with the neighbors...I love summer!

MiNdY said...

Oh my heck way fun! I am super jealous as well! and I love all the pictures.. and you two look so dang cute sitting out there! Your neighbor can invite us over anytime he'd like too!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

What more could little boys ask for, McDonald's and a friendly, heated pool! I love that their pool has shallow spots for the babes. Looks sunny and warm there!

Jesicca said...

You look amazing! He is the cutest little guy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Jessica said...

There you are.. cute and skinny as ever!