Monday, April 21, 2008

Daynen's 1 Year WELL-Child Check-up...

How WONDERFUL it was to take this sweet boy in for his
1 Year WELL-Child Check-up today!

He's had MORE than his fair share of Doctor visits due to sickness and surgery,
(not to mention last week's ER fiasco...), so we were glad to have him there happy and healthy!
He weighed in at a lean 21 1/2 pounds...
(That's down a whole pound and a half since his surgery a few weeks ago,
but not to worry... it's probably just due to his increase in activity,
now that he's crawling more and trying to walk...)

and measured nearly 31 inches tall.
(that's the smallest of his brothers at this age.)
Then Dr. Johnson got out his good ol' friend the Ear-Flashlight thingy...

and gave us the best news...
No sign of fluid... and no more Ear Infections!
Yea! His tubes are working!
We were so excited we stopped by Dad's work to tell him the great news in person...
and Dayne got a ride on the Fork-Lift with Daddy to celebrate!


The Haley Family said...

so cute! You inspired me to take my camera to Ella's visit on the 2nd! I bet they are VERY close in size! Glad he is so healthy and the ears are clear!!

joey said...

So glad he is healthy now...sick kids are SO stressful. I hate the emergency room too. Whenever these 'emergency's' happen to me, I feel so picked on, so it's good to know they happen to others too! I just keep reminding myself how hard it is to keep 6 people healthy and happy.

Jane said...

I'm so glad there was no liquid in his ears, woo~hoo!!!

And, I love the fork-lift pictures, are those free to anyone who stops by the shop?!?

Joey & nettifer said...

Yeah for a happy visit to the Dr! What an awesome treat for a boy to ride in a forklift!

Jesicca said...

Hip Hip Hooray, great news at well checks are wonderful! He is darling and I love those thighs, makes you want to squeeze them. The Fork Lift pics are the best!

jill allison said...

Hi Sara, we had been out of town and I'm barely catching up on my blogging. There was so much to read on yours, I loved it. So happy 1st birthday to little Dayne, and I can only imagine the whole ER nightmare. We were just talking about poison control stories the other night, so know that many of us have unknowingly made the same mistake. Glad everything is ok!!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Happy Birthday to you, Daynen! And congratulations on having no fluid or infections in your ears! I am sending birthday wishes that you spend more time having fun and less time at the doctor over the coming year.

I love that picture of him with the ear thing. He looks like he is shouting "I have conquered the ear infection, Mom!"

p.s. I saw the party pics at Jane's blog. So cute and fun - love the balloon guy!

Bennetts said...

Daynen is a lady killer! He has the sweetest little smile. What a darling picture of him "driving" the forklift with Matt.

The Benches said...

YAY! I'm glad everything looks great! He is so cute!

aLySsA said...

GOOD! Im so happy that everything went well! what a tough little guy!