Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Weakeast Links...

Okay, annoying... for some reason only about half of you can comment and/or use the links on our blog. We can't seem to find any rhyme or reason to why it works fine from some computers and not from others. (Even from here at my own house, we can access everything from my laptop and Matt's I-Mac, but not the boys' computer. Weird!) The links just don't work... nothing highlights when you roll over it, you can't download anything... it's like everything is locked. I've checked, re-checked and checked again all of the settings and profile preferences and can't figure out what the problem is. Even my computer networking guy took a look at the HTML code to see if something there was off. It's a mystery... and it's making me crazy! Anyone have any suggestions? I am still new to this whole blogging thing, so I'm open to ideas! We sent an e-mail to the tech support team at Blogger and asked them to take a look and see what they can determine. Until then, I just want everyone to know we are aware of the problem and doing what we can to fix it. Hang tight... I'll keep you all posted!


It's a wonderful life! said...

Hey it finally worked for me tonight to leave a comment. YEA!
Loved the glitter episode! I so would have had a caniption fit back when I was a young mom, now days I would of flipped but grabbed the camera too. It never occurred to me to take pictures of the crazy things as much as I love pic's. I was way to up tight.
Love you!
Auntie L

MiNdY said...

That is very weird.. its all working for me! Go figure! Hope you get it figured out!

Shannon said...

SOOO WEIRD!! IT has been driving me crazy...I can't believe i can comment off of Cory's Laptop, but not my 2 home computers! Or maybe it's fixed now!!
Good Luck!
Oh and That little Daynen is so adorable, i love that he got into all those markers, too FUNNY!