Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bling, Bling, Baby!

Well, we've always thought Daynen had a SPARKLING personality, but really... he took it to a whole new level yesterday!

I lost track of him for a few minutes (honestly, probably 5... for SURE less than 10!), while I was helping the big boys get ready for school... When I realized he wasn't where I left him, I went searching... Imagine my surprise when I found him UPSTAIRS (this marks the first time he has climbed more than just a stair or two by himself!) in the middle of his very own little floor mural! Ahhhh... our very own pint-sized Picasso! He was simply thrilled with himself... Look at that smile!

Yes... apparently, Kaden (and I! I am also responsible!) had left a few markers and, more importantly, a tube of Glitter-glue out (and within reach!) when we finished a school project the night before. Oh, how sparkly and irresistible it must have been laying there on the otherwise tidy and boring Craft Room floor... one can hardly blame him for what happened next! He had bitten a hole RIGHT through it! Need I say more?

When I found him, he was squealing and slapping the floor, finger-painting to his little heart's delight! And he was COVERED from head to toe... (the pictures do not EVEN do it justice!) He was literally SOLID red sparkles from the tips of his hair to the bottoms of his little feet!

Maybe you can get the gist from this close-up...

Well, THANK GOODNESS I had my sense of humor and a camera handy! (And that I have respect for "artistic expression" and hope to raise children who aren't afraid to show it!) He was having so much fun exercising his new found "creative freedom" that I had to snap a few shots of the little Art-teest before I tossed him into the shower!

(... For the record, I am afraid I may be rinsing red glitter down the drain for weeks!)


MiNdY said...

HaHa!!! Oh my! That was all done in less than ten minutes? He is getting around.. FAST!! :) You are so great.. If its off carpet and easily cleanable I guess I'd be alright.. otherwise artistic expression can wait longer in my home! I still have yet to get fingernail polish off the tile.

Jenn Granum said...

Oh my goodness! Thank gosh everything is washable and non-toxic these days. I love how happy he is. They LOVE to feel free and brave to explore.

Jesicca said...

He is the sweetest looking little man. I love the mischieve and wonder!