Friday, May 7, 2010

Alright, already...

Okay... This is it.
Tonight I feel really yucky.
Out of gas.
And sorta...
Strike that...
REALLY blah.
Blah... blah... BLAH!
I HATE this feeling!
Absolutely HATE it!
And even worse, I know why.
I know EXACTLY why...
You see, I usually eat really well.
By most people's standard, I eat VERY well.
I love fruits and veggies.
I eat them at nearly every meal.
I get a good balanced amount of protein and healthy, whole grain carbohydrates.
And I try to eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day.
(Yes... That's 5-6 times per day.)
I LOVE good food...
And I eat a lot!
I also drink like a fish.
I start drinking water first thing in the morning at 5:15.
All day long, I drink and drink.
And I'm not talking soda... I despise it.
Water only.
By bedtime, I've usually consumed over 100 ounces.
Sometimes more.
And I usually have plenty of energy.
Moreso than I sometimes know what to do with!
You know me!
Me and all my big ideas...
{If only I could buy more time at the health food store!}
But this past week, I have been very "off."
No particular reason...
I've just been a bit lazy, I guess.
Slipping up in my usually good habits.
If we are what we eat, then right now, I am the city dump!
With Matt gone, I immersed myself in a project and barely slept.
We had visitors staying with us
and I was not diligent with my planned meals and regular mealtimes.
I've hardly drunk any water.
I am thirsty.
My head aches.
Even my lips and skin feel dry.
I know I am dehydrated.
So this is MY fault!
I know better!
I know what my body needs.
I'm just not giving it!
As of this moment, I am recommitting to take better care of myself.
Because I can.
Because I should.
Because I am worth it.
...And they are worth it!
{Because I know that even when they don't complain,
my boys like me even more when I am feeling good.
And fun.
And like myself.
Instead of like this... yucky... blob.}
So no more being lazy and eating crappy for me!
For crying out loud...
I do NOT need to finish my children's meals for them!
I can not.
I will not.
It is an awful habit!
...One of my worst.
Just because they decide they are "done" eating while there is still food on their plates
(food I worked hard to prepare for them, mind you ),
does NOT mean I have to consume it to prevent it from going to waste!
I do not have to dispose of it!
At least not into my own mouth!
That's why we have a garbage can.
And a disposal in our sink!
I hereby remind myself that I am a big girl.
I have outgrown "kiddie food".
I can not thrive off of the leftover Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich crusts.
Or the last few bites of their Pigs in a Blanket.
I DO deserve to take the time to prepare my OWN real food...
Even if THEY want Mac & Cheese, Little Caesar's or McDonald's
(on the rare occasion that I actually cave in and indulge them).
They are boys.
Little boys.
Growing boys!
With the metabolism of a raging bonfire!
I, on the other hand,
am aging...
I can not eat anything and everything, like I once could, and still feel fine.
And I do not have the self-discipline to deprive myself.
Or the cardio-endurance of a Madman, like my sweet-tooth husband.
{I love you, Sweets...}
So instead, I must choose well.
I must choose better.
It's sort of like the oxygen mask thing...
As counter-intuitive as it seems, it is how we ensure that we all survive.
And how we all thrive...
In order to take care of others well, we must first take care of ourselves, as well.
So for now, that means cracking the proverbial whip a bit, on my eating habits...
I start in the morning!
{I can hardly wait!}


Bridget said...

Best wishes. I have a hard time feeding myself sometimes, too. Well lots of times. I hope you're more disciplined than I am.

tomiannie said...

I needed that today -- I am always battling that same bad habit of finishing off the kids' food, just because I hate to see things go to waste. But I love the image of the garbage disposal!


Sara - true, so true. I have recommitted myself to eating better and drinking more water too, just recently. Found out this past Saturday that I'm pregnant again!! What a MIRACLE!! We were actually trying NOT to, and bang! Feeling crampy today though... :( Bring on the water!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY for being able to drink water I am not a fan of it but i do drink it!
I am in this same boat. I gained almost 10lbs due to meds this winter and am working incredibly hard to lose them... and losing THAT battle it seems! Then to make matters worse (in my head anyway! ☺) has lost 17lbs with his new job -- that I work along side with him... sigh
Dontcha love God sense of humour~!? lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sara for sharing this. I needed to hear it. As the mother of three young sons, I too rely on their scraps for my meals and don't eat as healthy as I should. I love healthy food and don't know why I chose to eat this way. I tell myself that I "don't have time ..." but like you said, we are more productive when we take care of ourselves so it should be a priority if we lead a busy life. I would love to hear more about HOW you manage to make yourself healthy meals with the children and drink all your water. Do you carry a water bottle all day? Do you have smoothies for most of your meals? Have you found good, healthy recipes that your boys will eat too? Thanks for sharing and for reflecting HIS light to others.

~j. said...

You're awesome. Thank you for writing this.

Candice-MOTBITS said...

I too, want to know more of what you do to eat healthy!

I just took a "power" nap while my kids were sleeping- set the alarm for 20 min and 1 hour later I struggled and forced myself to get up and do something productive. (Like read your blog :)) My kids wear me out and I need energy. I need to eat healthier! But I have to admit, I don't love fruits and veggies. Please post more ideas of how to eat healthy!

p2me1a said...

Hahaha totally identify with your finishing off the kids' food! I, too, constantly tell myself not to keep doing that, though sometimes their food can be quite tempting in a junk-food way :p

Another reason to eat healthily is that is rubs off on the kids, well sometimes, at least! I always eat fruits after my dinner, and when my 3 year old Isaac sees me eating my oranges, he never fails to ask for some :)

Kelly said...

I love this post! Cause I can relate right now! I am always healthy, and I love to work out. But lately I have been in a funk with my eating!! And it has made me Lazy, and tired all the time! So it must be something going around! :)
Thanks for the encouragment.
Mom of 3 boys in Gilbert, AZ-Kelly

Sharon said...

I too have not been doing very well with my eating habits this past week. You could call it, "stress eating". Things at work have been very stressful, and instead of making those good food choices, I decided I "deserved" to eat what I want. Well, I feel terrible! No energy, depressed, sluggish.... How do I deserve THAT? I don't! Just because life becomes hard for awhile, does not give me permission to throw away my health. Thanks for the reminder that I'm worth feeling good physically, even if I'm struggling a bit emotionally. I'm back on track today! I can't wait for my spinich salad loaded with fresh veggies lunch! YUM!


Chris and Tanielle said...

If you could pass meal ideas along that would be awesome! I loved this post! My husband and I are lucky in the fact we both don't gain weight. But I think we could eat healther just for the fact to give us more energy and strength. Could you pass along your grocery list... or what you eat during the day? Pretty please!

Anonymous said...

I am still my kids 'Food Disposal'...ugh!! Need to break the habit...HELP!!

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who has read your blog envies your slim figure. Care to share detail on what you eat and your exercise?

*Alyssa* said...

You are an inspiration to us all. I hope you will update us on the goings on with your family soon!!

Anonymous said...

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