Friday, April 2, 2010

40 Years... and still counting!

Happy Anniversary to two of the dearest people in my world!
Congratulations, Mom & Dad!
I am so proud of you!
In this day and age, it's an accomplishment only a few can claim.
And getting fewer and farther between all the time.
Thank you for loving each other.
Through the good and the bad...
The challenges as well as the joys.
And often across so many miles.
It could not always have been easy.
I could not have asked for better, more adoring parents...
Who waited and wanted for so very long before I finally came your way.
Thank you for being ready.
To love me unconditionally.
And to teach me.
By both your words and your example.
What a blessing you are to me!
I am so grateful I was sent to you.
Thanks for loving each other. For loving me. And for making us a family.
I am forever your devoted daughter!


gd2bqn said...

Awwwww!!! So sweet! Uncle Bruce looks like Chris!

Sue said...

Mary Ellen, you look FAAAABULOUS in those pearls! And Joe, you're rockin' those BC glasses! Congratulations on four decades of love and committment.

Manda said...

Awwwwh what a sweet post. Congratulations to your parents for making it this far together. :) That is truely amazing :)

nancygrayce said...

What a great tribute to your parents!

{jane} said...

i loooove this picture! how classic!

congratulations, 40 years! wow!

and sara, you are an amazing daughter. i know they are such doting parents because they adore you too!

The Right Girl said...

So sweet! My parents hit 43 years this year and I love having such a solid example of marriage in my life. Congratulations to your parents! - Oh, and I thought you might like to know that because of your honesty in sharing your story, I have stayed PUT in the bathroom when Little One's bathing - even when the phone is ringing or I left my book or drink in the other room. You've made a difference in our lives and only God knows how big that difference is. Bless you.

Adriana said...

i love this pic! What a cute lil tribute to your parents. (stopping by from sits)